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Glass Hand Pipes

Glass Hand Pipes

Glass pipes are the definitive handheld solution to smoking on the go. These old-school smoking pipes come in various designs, from simplistic cheap glass pipes like steamroller pipes & chillums to unique spoons and heady cool pipes.

Lookah has some of the best glass hand pipes for sale online. While famous as pot pipes, these glass smoking bowls are for smoking totacco, or other legal substances. Unless you want to get a bubbler pipe, these glass hand pipes offer a dryer hit than you'd get with a bong or water pipe but are much easier to use on the go, are more affordable, and look super cool.  


Chillums often called a one-hitter, are the simplest of hand pipes. They can be made from any material, wood, metal, ceramic, or glass. These are straight pipes that, as the name suggests, can provide a single hit. They are perfect for a quick hit at a party and easy to conceal or store in your pocket or bag, which makes them extremely popular. 

Some types of chillums come complete with a box (often made from wood) that can have two little compartments. This is known as a dugout. It has one compartment to store your dry herb in, the other for the pipe. The pipe can be slid out from the case and then pushed into the compartment with your ground herb; this packs the chillum ready for a hit. It's the ideal stealthy kit for the discreet smoker. 

Glycerine Pipes

The glycerine pipe selection allows for further cooling as these oil-filled pipes are made from tough borosilicate glass, the same sort of glass you'd get in a Pyrex cooking dish, so they are better suited to heat changes. 

The oil in these hand pipes has a lower freezing temperature, so it can be chilled in a freezer for an hour while without freezing. Once chilled, you can pack the bowl and enjoy much cooler smoke than you'd get from cheap glass pipes. 


Tips for Smoking from a Glycerine Pipe  

Make sure the glass is clean and dry before putting it into the freezer. 

Lay flat in the freezer to prevent it from being knocked over or damaged. 

Don't keep in the freezer for extended periods. 

Use a standard lighter when smoking from a glycerine pipe.

How to Smoke out of a Glass Pipe

Use a grinder to break up the herb you want to smoke in the bowl.

Once ground, add the dry herb to the bowl. Don't fill or pack the bowl too much, as this can restrict the airflow. Many people like to use a metal gauze screen in the base of the bowl., this prevents inhaling any small particles of herb. 

Most pipes have a carb hole on the side. This hole lets you control the flow of air to the herb so you can regulate the burn rate by opening and plugging the hole with your finger or thumb. 

Light the bowl with a standard lighter or a hemp wick. Don't use a butane torch as this can rapidly heat up the glass bowl, and the higher temperature may well burn your hand. 

To "hit" the bowl, take a deep, steady breath inhaling the smoke. It is not necessary to hold in the weed for a long time after you inhale. 


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