Quartz Dab Pearl and Pill Set

Quartz Dab Pearl and Pill

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Description for Quartz Dab Pearl and Pill

Quartz dab pearl kit includes a terp marble at 20mm diameter, a terp pearl at 12mm, and a terp pill that measures 6 by 15mm. 

Terp pearls and pills help spread the heat and wax around your banger evenly, reducing hot spots and preventing the melted concentrate from pooling and scorching on hot spots. This means the concentrate vaporizes evenly and more efficiently, giving you a better dabbing experience and minimizing wastage. 

To clean the terp pearls, wait until they are cool and then soak them in isopropyl alcohol. Rinse well in clean water after soaking.


Material: Quartz

Large Bead: 20mm

Small Bead: 12mm

Pill: 15*6mm

Weight: 13.5g


Package Include:

1 x Large Bead

1 x Small Bead

1 x Pill

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I missed where it said these were coming from China. It took a while to get to me but customer service was very awesome and they did arrive. I would recommend the company and their products. They were packaged well and work how they were intended to work.
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