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2pc Directional Airflow Silicone Carb Cap

Directional Airflow Silicone Carb Cap | LOOKAH

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Description for Directional Airflow Silicone Carb Cap | LOOKAH

A directional airflow silicone carb cap is a great addition to any dab setup. If you want to use terp pearls, you will need a spinner carb cap like this one.
The carb cap has angled grooves that cause the air to spin as it is drawn through the cap and into the banger. This causes the air to rotate in a min vortex, pushing the terp pearls around in the banger.
The benefit of this silicon carb cap is that it will never break. Unlike traditional glass or quartz carb caps, you can drop this silicon cap without worrying about it breaking. It works just as well as a quartz or glass carb cap but without the risk of breakage!


Material:  Food Grade Silicone

Size: 1.6 x 2inch

Weight: 14g

Color: Will be shipped at random. Or can select the color, please remark on the color when you place an order.


Package Include:

2 x Silicone Carb Cap


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