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Dab Straw

Lookah Dab Straw

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Description for Lookah Dab Straw

Glass Dab Straw

The Lookah glass dab straw is a traditional style dab nectar collector in a stylish carry case that's no bigger than a spectacles case. Except for the glass straw, the entire product is made of metal. You don't have to worry about it getting damaged and the protective travel case means you can take it for dabs on the go. 

This wax straw doesn't use electronics, unlike the other Lookah electric dab straws. You will need a torch to heat the tip or titanium dab nail, which functions like standard dabbing straws. 

The shape and size of the Lookah dab straw are similar to a ballpoint pen. The dab straw comprises five parts that disassemble for easy cleaning. Just unscrew the parts and soak in some isopropyl alcohol to clean.

The glass straw can be pulled out of place and cleaned with a torch heating it up to capture reclaim. The metal body protects the glass and makes it less susceptible to damage. Even if you accidentally break this, there is a spare glass straw, so you're never without one. 

The dab kit has two titanium nails that can be unscrewed and swapped. So if one gets clogged you can swap it out and keep dabbing withing needing to stop and clean the device immediately. A screw-on tip cover prevents any wax residue from dirtying your pocket or the carry case. If you don't have time to clean it immediately, you can store the device without it making a mess. 

The portable dab kit has a nifty stand to hold the dab straw upright so you can put it to cool after using it without worrying about burning anything.

This unique dab kit from LOOKAH has been carefully thought out and includes everything you could think of for dabbing on the go. Well, other than the torch and wax, that is.  

Dimensions: 66.7mm x 157mm x 25.5mm (Nectar collector in case)
Dimensions:142mm x16.6mm (Nectar collector only)
Weight: 230g (Nectar collector in case)
Weight: 28.5g (Nectar collector only)

Package content
1 x Nectar Collector
2 x Glass Tube
2 x Titanium Nail
1 x Nail Cover
1 x Base
1 x Base Adapter


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