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Glass & Silicone Nectar Straw Kit

Glass & Silicone Nectar Straw

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Description for Glass & Silicone Nectar Straw

Portable nectar straw with silicone mouthpiece, glass bubbler titanium nail, and glass bowl piece with joint. 

Fire up your torch and get ready to blaze with this fantastic silicone and glass nectar straw come bubbler.

Choose from the titanium nail if you want to dab or the glass bowl for dry herb. This two-in-one handheld water pipe is a great piece to travel with. 

The glass chamber has a healthy size water percolator for smooth hits, and its segmented design means you can take the pipe apart for easy cleaning. 

To use this as a nectar straw, just add enough water to cover the percolation slits, slide in the removable titanium nail, and heat with your torch. Once hot, you can dab this honey straw directly onto your concentrate. If the flower is more your game, replace the titanium nail with the U-shaped glass joint and bowl. Then fire up the herb and let this sweet bubbler rip. 

Color: Random. (Or can select the color, please remark the color when you place an order.)


Material: 100% food-grade silicone

Length: 190mm

Weight: 240g

Packing includes:

1xsilicone smoking pipe

1x glass bubbler

1x glass bowl

1x silicone container

1x Titanium Nail

1x glass downstem

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