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Nectar Collector & Dab Straw

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Dab Straws & Nectar Collectors

Nectar collectors were inspired by nature's pollinators. 

Sometimes these dabbing devices have water filters. The simpler versions, honey straws, are little more than a pipe. Heat the pipe at one end to vaporize and suck up the sweet wax nectar from cannabis concentrates. 

The honey straw is a great way to conserve your wax and regulate the amount you are dabbing. It is a perfect addition to your kit if you enjoy using concentrates. 

Heatproof materials such as borosilicate glass, titanium, and silicone are commonly used. 

Some honey pipes include a water bubbler to add filtration. This cools the vapor allowing for more significant clouds and large hits. Others are simple glass or silicone staws with a titanium tip. Many fit into a small carry case for use on the go and share with friends.

How to use a nectar collector?

These handy tools are an easy and affordable way to dab oil and wax.
They often come with a glass, titanium, or ceramic tip. To use them, heat the tip with a butane torch until it's glowing hot. Place the tip on your cannabis wax, such as budder, terp sauce, or rosin. As the hot tip of the honey straw melts and vaporizes the wax, inhale from the mouthpiece and enjoy.

Do nectar collectors waste wax?

Honey Straws are a super efficient way to dab your wax concentrates.
They leave some residue as the vapor cools inside them. But with careful cleaning, you can reclaim all that goodness to use again. This means there is very little wastage.

How to get reclaim out of a nectar collector?

Reclaim is the concentrated build-up of vapor residue. After using your honey straw, you will notice a waxy residue left behind.
When the vaporized wax cools, it leaves tiny particles inside your device. As these build up, they can clog and impair the airflow in your device. They can also impart y burnt or charred taste to the vapor as it passes through your device.
In glass and metal nectar straws, the reclaim is collected by slowly heating the device with a torch while tilting it at an angle. The torch's heat will melt the wax. This wax will run down the device and drip out of the end. We recommend using a silicon mat and container when collecting the reclaim. This will prevent any hot wax from dripping on you and make collecting and storing the reclaim easier. Care should be taken with any hot items to avoid burning yourself.

Types of nectar collectors

Honey straws come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. Some variations are just aesthetic and don't change the function of the device. Others change the way you use the device and the taste of the concentrates you are dabbing.

Silicone nectar collector

Silicone honey straws are one of the newest types of collectors.
A silicone collector is very affordable and suitable if you're on a budget. They are virtually indestructible, so if you're a bit clumsy, you needn't worry with a silicone honey straw. Silicon is flexible and resistant to heat shock, meaning you can freeze your silicone dab collector, so the low temperature cools the smoke and brings a smoother dabbing experience.
Silicon collectors typically have a titanium nail which is the part you heat up with a torch.

Water nectar collector

These types of collectors come with a sturdy chamber, often made of glass that contains a filter to function as a filtration system. Water is added to the chamber to cool the vapor so you can take massive dabs without irritating your throat. The parts of these collectors are usually detachable for easy cleaning.

Glass nectar collector

Glass nectar straws are the most common type of dabbing device and what many will think of when you say honey straws. The reason glass is so popular is that it doesn't alter or affect the taste of your dabs.
This means you will get the purest taste from your wax concentrates as the vapor slides up your honey pipe.
Glass also offers countless aesthetical possibilities meaning there's a huge range to choose from.

Wooden nectar collector

Wooden nectar straws typically have a titanium nail and a wooden body. These are usually detachable for easy cleaning. A wooden sheath can cover the nail, leaving you with a cigar-sized wooden baton that protects the straw when traveling.
The smooth wood finish gives a luxurious feel to the hand and gives a natural touch to your dabbing kit.

Electric nectar collector

If you want a more convenient experience while dabbing, an electric collectors are an ideal option.
These devices have a built-in battery that heats a dab coil.
This means you no longer need to carry a torch with you and can conveniently dab on the go. These devices are also more user-friendly and bring dab straws into the 21st century.

How much is a nectar collector?

We offer a range of the best nectar collectors of all sizes and styles. You can find cheap concentrate straws for as little as $20. The Lookah concentrate straw comes with a premium case and glass mouthpiece, it ships directly from the US, and is $37.99. With all these options, we're sure to have something for your next dab session

For our selection of electronic nectar colletors, visit the vaporizer category on our webpage.

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