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Sardine Hot Knife Electric Dab Tool

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Description for Sardine Hot Knife Electric Dab Tool

The Lookah Sardine Hot Knife is an electric dab tool that makes handling extracts effortless.

Handling concentrates can be tricky and can create a mess if you're not careful. That's where the Lookah hot knife comes in. It cuts through the hassle of handling wax extracts preventing waste and spillage and avoiding a sticky mess.

Just press the button to heat the ceramic tip, and it will slice through any type of concentrate easily. Moreover, that heated end prevents any extract from getting stuck to the dab tool.

The tips for the Sardine hot knife can be swapped out and connected via a USB type C port.

Depending on what concentrate you are handling, heat the tip before touching the wax to slice a small part from harder concentrates. Alternatively, for soft extracts, heat the tip after the wax has been scooped up, so it slides right off into the dish without leaving anything behind. It has a 240mAh built-in battery that is quick to recharge via the type C USB interface. 

The hot knife has three temperature settings.
Green 212°F (100°C)
Blue 248°F (120°C)
White 302°F (150°C)

The Sardine hot knife comes complete with a travel cap, letting you store it away without burning anything. This compact accessory is the go-anywhere dab tool that is super portable and easy to use. 

The Sardine hot knife dab tool can not be used by itself as a vaporizer device. The blade on the sardine can reach 302°F (150°C), while this may create a little vapor it won't vaporize your wax concentrates as many of the compounds have a boiling point higher than 320°F. So the Sardine will not get hot enough to use as a vaping device.

**The Sardine hot knife comes with two tips, one preinstalled and one spare tip, the total is two tips**

Kit comes with
1 Sardine Hot Knife (including tip)
1 Ceramic Tip (spare tip)
1 Tip Cover
1 User Manual

1) Battery: 250mAh
2) Fast heating up
3) Easy to Clean
4) Replaceable Ceramic Tips


Awesome! Wish it vibrated just a little once it's warmed up, kinda hard to see the light sometimes.
Very good product. Works great
Works like a champ. Very sturdy and it's in the shape of a fish!!!!!......sardine!
Greatest tool ever. I use it for everything
This is the absolute best dab tool you'll own.

This thing gets hot fast!!! Beware!!!

All those other things in the dab toolbox won't be the thing you need when it's time to get those really gummy or aggressively stuck diamonds that have found homes on any surface.

Just get the Sardine you won't regret it.
It comes with an extra USB-c swappable 2nd head which is a great bonus.

10/10 in Quality this thing is fun just to hold. Thank you Lookah for making such exceptional tools.
Worked great right out of the can errrr…box.
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Sardine User Manual (sardine.jpg, 970 Kb) [Download]