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Dab Tool Kit 6PCS

Dab Tool Kit 6PCS

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Dab Tool Kit - Pink - Yellow
Dab Tool Kit - Pink - Blue
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Description for Dab Tool Kit 6PCS

This six-piece dab tool kit includes five dab tools. Each tool has a different end be it a pick, scoop, spoon, shovel, or blade that can help you cust, pull, pick up, and handle your wax concentrates. The kit also has a 5ml silicone dab container and comes in a nifty carry case. Perfect for dabbing on the go. Choose between pink and yellow or pink and blue colors to suite your style. 

Product Specifications:

Material of Spoon: Stainless Steel

Material of Container: Silicone

Capacity of Container:5ml


Package Content

5 x Metal Dab Tools

1 x Silicone Container

1 x Carry Case