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Dab Claw Tool

Dab Claw Tool

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Description for Dab Claw Tool

This dab claw is a must-have dab tool for anyone who uses terp pearls or dabs diamonds. 
The four-prong dab claw is perfect for picking up pearls from 3mm to 12mm, meaning you never have to touch those sticky terp pearls again!

No more dropping those sticky terp pearls and watching them roll away, leaving a mess and not being seen again. Pick up the pearls with the claw grabber and place them directly into your banger. 

If you dab diamonds, this dab tool makes it easy to pick up and drop your dabs directly into the banger, no more messing trying to scoop dabs onto your dab tools. 


Material: Stainless Steel

Length: 11.7cm

Weight: 14g

Color: Gold


Package Include:

1 x Dab Claw

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