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Scoop Dab Tools 3 Piece Set

Scoop Dab Tools 3 Piece Set

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Description for Scoop Dab Tools 3 Piece Set

This set consists of three scoop dabbing tools. 
The end of each tool has a rounded spoon shape which is ideal for live resin, diamonds, and crumbly waxes. The scoop shape makes it easy to pick up a nice glob of your favorite diamonds and other concentrates with a similar consistency.  Made from a zinc alloy these durable dab tools have a skull, bee, eagle, or scorpion decoration on the top. 


Skeleton, Bee, Eagle, Scorpion: Four styles are shipped randomly

Material: Zinc Alloy+Stainless Steel

Size: 120mm

Weight: 16g


Package Include:

3 x Dabbing Tools

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