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Dab Tools

Dab tools, which are an integral part of the dabbing ritual, are often referred to as dabbing tools or dab accessories. These instruments are crafted to cater to the intricate process of consuming potent cannabis concentrates. Each tool boasts a unique design, size, and material composition, specifically selected to fulfill a distinct function during dabbing.


Dab Tools 

Dab Tools or dabbers are the key tools for dabbing extracts. Dabbers come in different shapes and sizes, making separating, scooping, and moving different concentrates easy. 

Some of these dabbers or dab wands are highly decorative, while others focus on functionality and are specialized for use with different concentrate consistencies. 

Having the right dab tool kit in your arsenal will ensure your well prepared for a dabbing session. You can easily move your concentrate from its container to the banger without dropping it or making a mess.

What Are Dabbers Made From?

Dabbers are made from a number of materials: glass dab tools, titanium spoons, and stainless steel are the most common examples.

These are all very heat resistant but come with different pros and cons.

Glass dabbers can be very artistic and with a wide variety of themes that help you customize your dabbing setup for aesthetical preferences. However, glass tools are more prone to breaking if dropped. The edges usually are more rounded and less defined, so these tools are more suited for softer waxes that don't need cutting or scooping up.

Stainless steel and titanium dab utensils are more durable than glass dabbers. They come with different-shaped ends for use with specific concentrates.

What Are Different Dab Tools For?

Each dab tool is designed for use with a different type of concentrate. 

A dab tool with a spoon shape is preferred for crumbly wax concentrates. Dab pins with pointed sharp tips are better for harder concentrates like shatter. Below we will list the different styles of dabbers and what concentrates they are better suited to. 

  • Dab Scoops — Scoop dabbers, as the name suggests, have a rounded spoon-like shape. These dab tools work best for crumbly waxes, live resin crystals, diamonds, and other concentrates with a similar consistency. You can cut and scoop the waxes up with the dab tool before placing them into your banger. 
  • Dab Shovels — Shovel Dabbers are versatlie dab tool. They're good for use with softer concentrates that can be shoveled up and dropped onto your nail or into your banger. 
  • Dab Picks — Dab picks work best with hard concentrates that are not very malleable. You can use a dab pick to crack or pick up hard concentrates like shatter. 
  • Dab Claws — Dab claws are a must-have grabbing tool if you use terp pearls or vape diamonds. They make picking up those hot ruby and sapphire pearls effortless and save messing about with a spoon or shovel-style dabber. 
  • Dab Spatulas — Spatula dabbers work best with loose, runny concentrates like live resin or terp sauce. They're ideal for concentrates you need to scoop and smear into your banger.

Lookah has a large range of cool dab tools. We have glass sword dab tools and multiple titanium and stainless steel spoons, picks, and spatula. We even have full dab tool kits that have a tool shaped for every different type of concentrate, all in a handy carry case. So you'll always have the perfect tool for any dab. 

How Do You Use Wax Dab Spoon?

To use your dabbers, select the right tool for the kind of concentrate you will use. Then separate the dab you wish to use from the rest of the concentrate. 

Preheat your banger and let it rest until it's at the right temperature. 

Use the dab tool to apply the concentrate to the top of the nail or the bottom of your banger. You may need to roll or gold the tool against the side of your banger for all the concentrate to fall off it. 

When you have finished dabbing, let the dab tool cool down so it is safe to touch. Then use a little isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel to clean the dab tool and wipe away any residue. This prevents your concentrates from mixing up and affecting your next dab's flavor. 

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