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Dab Containers & Silicone Wax Container

Dab containers for storing the stickiest of dab products. 
We offer a range of dab containers for holding waxes and all your other cannabis concentrates. With a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from, I'm sure we have an option for you. 

What is a Wax Container?

A wax container is designed to hold and transport your cannabis concentrates. They are made from a non-sticky material like silicone or glass. 
These are very affordable so you can buy a few containers to keep your flavors separate so that you can carry a selection dabs with you at all times. Some larger containers have multiple storage chambers or are segmented so you can keep a selection of several different concentrates. These are great for parties as you can take a delightful mix of waxes, crumbles, budder, etc., to share with friends. 

Even if you are new to dabbing, you will be able to spot the difference when between a dab wax container versus a weed stash container.

How to Use a Dab Container

Dab containers are really simple to use. They let you split up the wax you buy from your local dispensary into smaller quantities so you can better control the dosing of your dabs. Use an appropriate dab spoon, shovel, or dab claw to separate the dabs as required. 

When using a heat-proof dab container, such as one made from glass, you can dab with a nectar collector directly from the container. 

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