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Dabbing Accessories & Dab Tools- page 5

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Dab Accessories & Dabber Tools

Now that you have your lovely heady glass dab rig, you probably want to stock up on a few water pipe accessories. Buying a quartz banger, carb cap, and terp pearls will help you get the most from your water pipe. We have many sizes and styles for you to choose from to tailor your pipe and make your smoking session epic. We also have a large selection of dab tools to help scoop, cut, and prepare your wax for dabbing.

Nectar Collectors

Inspired by nature's pollinators, Nectar collectors and dab straws are dabbing pipes that let you suck up the succulent sweet vapor of heated wax. 

The dab straws are heated on one end and which is then used to vaporize the wax. The other end of the straw is used to inhale the vapor produced. If you are a regular user of cannabis concentrates, then a dab straw is a great way to conserve your wax while regulating the amount you dab. 

Terp Pearls

Terp peals or dab beads are small balls that help distribute heat and wax in your banger. These little balls may look insignificant, but they improve your dabbing experience and make it easier to dab at lower temperatures, preserving all those tasty flavonoids. 

Dab Containers

Dab containers are small cases, syringes, jars, cartridges, and other small containers made from plastic, silicone, or glass to keep cannabis concentrates. 

The best dab containers are airtight, as this will preserve the freshness of the concentrates stored within.  Many will be opaque as this also offers protection from light that can degrade and cause damage to the cannabinoids in the wax concentrates.

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