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7" Mini Clear Glass Dab Rig

7" Mini Portable Dab Rig

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Description for Mini Clear Glass Dab Rig

The Mini Portable Dab Rig is a compact and convenient smoking accessory designed for those who prioritize portability without sacrificing functionality.

The portable bong features a minimalist design with a curved body that's easy to handle and a pleasing visual flow. The showerhead bubbler percolator adds a touch of sophistication, providing effective filtration while maintaining a sleek profile. The bent neck design not only looks stylish but also enhances the ergonomics of the dab rig, making it comfortable for use.

Despite its simplicity, the mini bong incorporates a showerhead bubbler percolator that ensures a smooth and cool hit. The percolator's design maximizes water contact with the smoke, filtering out impurities and providing a cooler, more enjoyable dabbing experience.

LOOKAH has always adhered to its original design, and for your health and better smoking experience, it uses high borosilicate glass material that is cleaner and easier to clean. Compared with ordinary cool bongs, we use more vivid colored glass in the appearance to highlight the vivid characters.

Recommended Scenarios

Due to its compact size, it’s excellent for travel. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or simply on a road trip, its portability allows for easy transport. Great for vacationers who want to enjoy their concentration while away from home without the need to carry larger rigs.

Perfect for users who prefer quick and easy setup without dealing with the larger, more cumbersome equipment. Its small size means it can be easily stored or hidden away. Ideal for individuals who need discretion in their consumption habits, especially in shared living spaces.


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