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9" Cool Stylish Evil Eye Dab Rig

9" Cool Mini Stylish Evil Eye Dab Rig

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Description for Cool Stylish Evil Eye Dab Rig

The Stylish Futuristic Evil Eye Bong is a fusion of contemporary design and ancient symbolism, creating a smoking accessory that is both a technological marvel and a cultural artifact. 

Evil Eye Bong bent neck rig is the perfect daily driver for dabbing. At 9.5 inches high and at a little over 500 grams, it's a perfect size and weight for taking rips easily. 

The seven-slotted showerhead percolator offers plenty of filtration without the need for large chambers, so you get a good cooling effect and tasty hits.  

A flared body and mouthpiece make it comfy to grip, while the bent neck makes it easy to use sitting down. 

A stem rises out from the side of this water pipe and is adorned by a staring eye with three prongs shooting out from it. This artistic flair with the color-coordinated accents sets this glass apart from the other cheap bongs and rigs around, letting you own some quality glass at an affordable price.

LOOKAH has always adhered to its original design, and for your health and better smoking experience, it uses high borosilicate glass material that is cleaner and easier to clean. Compared with ordinary cool bongs, we use more vivid colored glass in the appearance to highlight the vivid characters.

Recommended Scenarios

This cool bong can be used as an added fun tool during movie or game night. Experience the relaxing feeling of smoking with a friend or partner by taking turns using the bong while enjoying a movie or game.

This Evil Eye Bong can be a unique gift for a friend who is looking for a personalized and unique experience. Its novel design and cultural connotations make it a memorable gift option.


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