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Seamless Round Base Dab Nail

Seamless Round Base Dab Nail

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Description for Dab Nail

Material: Seamless Quartz

Color: Transparent

Weight: 0.077 lbs

Mouthpiece Width: 0.79 in

Compatibility: 0.55 in Joint

Product Features

  • Seamless Quartz Construction: Our dab nail is crafted from seamless quartz, ensuring a clean and pure vaporization process without any impurities or residue.
  • Transparent Color: The transparent material allows you to monitor the vaporization process with ease, adding a visually appealing aspect to your dabbing experience.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing just 35g, this dab nail is easy to handle and maneuver, providing a comfortable dabbing experience.
  • 20mm Mouthpiece Width: The mouthpiece is designed to fit most water pipes and dab rigs securely, ensuring a stable connection.
  • 14mm Joint Compatibility: Compatible with a 14mm joint, making it versatile for use with a wide range of water pipes and dab rigs.

Selling Points

  • Stainless Aesthetics: The seamless and transparent design offers a sleek, modern appearance that will enhance the look of any smoking setup.
  • Enhanced Vaporization: The round base and mouthpiece width are optimized for efficient vaporization, providing a potent and flavorful hit.
  • Easy to Clean: Quartz's non-porous nature makes this dab nail easy to clean, ensuring it remains in top condition after each use.
  • Quality Assurance: Each dab nail is carefully crafted to meet high-quality standards, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.
  • Versatility: Suitable for use with various types of concentrates, making it a valuable addition to any dabbing enthusiast's collection.

Why Choose Our Seamless Round Base Dab Nail?

  • For a dabbing experience that combines purity, style, and functionality, our Seamless Round Base Dab Nail is the ideal choice.
  • Enjoy the true flavors of your concentrates with our easy-to-clean, seamless quartz construction.
  • Invest in a durable and heat-resistant dab nail that will provide a consistent and enjoyable dabbing experience for many sessions to come.