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Barrel-shaped Dab Nail

Barrel-shaped Dab Nail

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Description for Dab Nail

Elevate your dabbing experience with our Barrel-shaped Dab Nail, a quartz masterpiece that combines form and function for an unparalleled dabbing session.


  • Quartz: Crafted from premium quartz, this dab nail ensures a clean and pure vapor every time, enhancing the natural flavors of your concentrates.

Supplier Information:

  • Sample Received: Our supplier has already sent a sample, and we will be taking our own photos on June 25th to showcase the product's true beauty.


  • Gross Weight: 24.3 grams - A testament to the solid construction and durability of our dab nail.
  • Height1.57 inches - A compact size that fits perfectly in your hand and on your rig.
  • Upper Mouth Outer Diameter - Universally compatible with most dab rigs and water pipe setups.
  • Transparent Mouth Outer Diameter0.47 inch - Provides a clear view of the vaporization process.
  • Inner Diameter: Approximately 0.36 inch- Designed for optimal heat distribution and efficient dabbing.
  • Total Product Width: 2.36 inches - A sleek and portable design that complements any rig.
  • Suitable for 0.55 in caliber

Included in the Package:

  • 1x Dab Nail

Special Instructions for Graphic Designers:

  • Dimension Marking: Our design team will be marking the dimensions on the product images to provide clear and precise measurements for our customers.

Why Choose Our Barrel-shaped Dab Nail?

  • Premium Quartz: Experience the superior heat retention and flavor purity that only quartz can offer.
  • Custom Photography: Look forward to our own high-quality images, captured on June 25th, for an authentic representation of the product.
  • Precision Engineering: Each dimension is carefully considered for a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Order Now and Transform Your Dab Experience! Don't settle for less. Choose our Barrel-shaped Dab Nail for a dabbing experience that is both enjoyable and efficient. Place your order now and join the ranks of satisfied dabbers worldwide.