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Recirculating Filter Dab Nail

Recirculating Filter Dab Nail

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Description for Dab Nail

Material: Borosilicate glass

Tube body quality: high borosilicate glass

Suitable for 0.39 in caliber"

Product Features:

Made of high borosilicate glass with excellent heat and chemical resistance.
Precisely crafted to ensure the accuracy and durability of the mouthpiece.
Designed to meet the demands of professional blowing processes, providing unmatched airflow control.
Areas of Application:

For professional glass-blowing art.
Ideal for fine glass art and scientific instruments.

Technical Specifications:

After use, please wash gently with warm water and neutral cleaner.
Avoid using hard brushes or abrasive cleaners to avoid scratching the surface.

Safety Notes:

Follow all safety guidelines during use.
Although borosilicate glass is heat resistant, it is not exposed to extreme temperatures for extended periods of time.
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