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10″  “Beehive” Heavy Glass Water Pipe by TATAOO
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Tataoo's 10-inch "beehive" heavy-duty glass water pipe is a unique dab rig featuring honey bees in all their beauty....
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This TATAOO Glass pipe is the first of its kind. If you love underwater creatures this is the dab rig for you. Its...
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This underwater TATAOO glass theme recycling device is a real work of art. Made of the highest quality glass with...
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Take this dab rig by the horns and let it rip for delicious hits! This glass water pipe from TATTOO Glass is the...
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This Tattoo Glass cactus dab rig is a real work of art. The whole rig is shaped into a cactus design, it even has a...
One of the best yet, this skull dab rig with double head recyclers is great to feast your eyes upon and magical to...
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TATAOO Glass is hitting the industry with its fully worked pipes and rigs that contain innovative percolator designs...
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This small dab rig draws everyone's attention, thanks to some dark arts. A hand-blown glass head with a spike driven...
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One of the best unique themed dab rigs for sale by TATAOO Glass is this troll head, muscle man. The mouthpiece...