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This stunning water pipe is a delightful interpretation of the scientific style. From the angled mouthpiece and neck...
The Lookah spaceship has landed with this flying-saucer themed water bong! This 3-legged spacecraft has a fixed...
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10.5" LOOKAH High Quality Water Pipe
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This LOOKAH glass bong is a 10.5 inch heigh clear glass beauty bong with an eye pattern. Colored glass highlights...
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From the large barrel perc right up to the spiked donut recycler, this water pipe and dab rig screams, "smoke me!"...
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Lookah Glass is a master at making dab rigs in genuinely unique shapes that look good and function well. The...
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At 8.2 inches high, this small dab rig is a lovely piece from our Original Design Glass range. This wax rig proves...
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This Lookah water pipe is an absolute beauty! It features multiple heady percolators that are not only beautiful,...
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Are you looking for a water pipe with unique functions? This Lookah glass gold tag collection dab rig is one for...