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Vape Mystery Bundle

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Description for Vape Mystery Bundle

This value pack vape starter kit has everything you need to get vaping. It includes a random color picked from the limited edition colors of the Seahorse Pro vape pen, which usually retails at $59.99. Which color will you get? We dont know; it could be rainbow, tie-dye, camo, royal gold, or midnight gold. Let fate decide for you as they all look great. 

An accessories pack will have a spare glass mouthpiece as well as the pipe attachments and whip/hose so you can connect your seahorse pro to a water pipe for extra cooling to the heady vapor clouds. An extra pack of 5 random coils (quartz or ceramic) will ensure you get plenty of use from the vape before needing any additional consumables.  Together these accessories are worth another $53.98. 

Want to look cool with your new lookah vape kit? What better way than with these stunning Lookah t-shirt? Whether you wear it yourself or gift it to a friend, it is an excellent addition to this value starter kit. All this comes in at $99.90, so you save over $30 from the regular retail price when buying this mystery bundle kit. 

Vape Mystery Bundle Kit Includes

1x Seahorse Pro Limited Edition (random color)

1x Seahorse Pro Accessories Pack

1x Seahorse Coil Pack (quartz or ceramic)

1x T-Shirt (random size)


Love the idea, but the plastic housing is weak in spots. It's already cracking around the charging port. That's the only issue I have with this. Works as advertised and I love the smooth hits it offers.
Got this on sale. Fantastic deal! Ordered it for a spare seahorse for me to swap out if the other one needs charging. And I needed tips. Lol. Well worth the money. They shirt said 3x. It must be a Chinese 3x. I wear an xl and it was snug on me. But still a cool shirt!
Got the limited item color which was super cool. I got the seahorse pro which is awesome because I only had the original prior. The accessory is fun but won’t be used often. Only real disappointment was the 3XL shirt. I know the description said their choice size but DARN I could have worked with a small or a large so the shirt has no use for me or anyone in my household.
Fast delivery, attentive customer service, and quality product
Wasn't entirely satisfied. Love the limited edition iridescent pro! not happy with the fact they the tube, doesn't hold the best. Always loose. The shirt that came in the mystery bundle was XXXL. That isn't the best choice to auto give. Way to huge, can't not wear to show my pride for Lookah products. Also sad that the accessory hose was extremely short. Not very useful, just more of a nussance because it's short.
Honestly seems kinda pointless apart from the extra glass. Hopefully I won't need them but I definitely see the use for them. The pipe is just fine without adding anything else to it.
That being said great job on the seahorse pro. (really what's the green hose all about?) Thank you, D
Loved it.. wish the shirt was bigger since not everyone is a medium …. Think you should be able to choose your size!!! That was the only downfall!!
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