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Ultimate Vape Mystery Bundle

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Description for Ultimate Vape Mystery Bundle

The Ultimate mystery pack includes the Seahorse Max vape pen which is the first of its kind for lookah vapes with a built-in water bubbler for smoother vapor. This beastly vape pen makes a great tabletop vape but is still small enough for traveling with allowing you to take it on weekends away or round to a friend's house to share that fantastic session mode.  Normally retailing at 178.99 you'll get a randomly select one from the 6 main colors of red, blue, gray, yellow, orange, or purple.  So you can dab to your heart's content there's a pack of 5 ceramic coils included in the bundle.

On top of this, there is a stunning T-shirt with the Lookah logo and a Skull design so you'll look the part toting your new ultimate vape kit.

Ultimate Vape Mystery Bundle Kit Includes

1x Seahorse MAX (random color)

1x Seahorse Ceramic Coil Pack

1x T-Shirt (random size)


Came with a higher retail item than I was expecting and a pack of really nice ceramic coils. Worth it this time.
Super happy with the mystery bundle 50% off I couldn’t be happier
The lookah seahorse pro is better than I had anticipated. This bundle was more than worth it with it coming with a device and extra pack of coils. The only thing I wish was that I could've entered a shirt size as the shirt came too small for me.
It hits! Easy to use, battery life is decent and IT HITS! The tips last about a week give or take (used frequently), the ceramic ones hit harder but the quartz tips have a better taste. Overall very satisfied with this purchase.
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