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Snail + 510 Wax Atomizer M

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Snail + 510 Wax Atomizer M, Color: Red
LOOKAH Snail + 510 Wax Atomizer Kit - Blue
Snail + 510 Wax Atomizer M, Color: Gray
Snail + 510 Wax Atomizer M, Color: Purple
Snail + 510 Wax Atomizer M, Color: Orange
Snail + 510 Wax Atomizer M, Color: Green
Snail + 510 Wax Atomizer M, Color: Yellow
Lookah Snail + 510 Wax Atomizer Mixed pack
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Lookah Snail and 510 wax kit for dabs

Description for Snail + 510 Wax Atomizer M

SNAIL + Mixed pack of dab cartridges bundle sale

Snail 2.0 Vape Battery And Wax Cart Kit

Are you a vaping enthusiast looking for the perfect starter kit to begin your vaping journey? Look no further than the Snail vape bundle with 510 wax carts. 

The bundle comes with the Snail 2.0 510 vape pen, which has a 350mAh built-in battery and four wax coils.

If wax is your preference, connect with one of the four unique LOOKAH Wax coils and enjoy your crumble, budder, diamond, or terp sauce. 
Each of the four unique quartz coils has its own design and heat profile, allowing you to customize your vaping experience from maximum clouds to the purest flavors. 

The Snail's three preset vape voltages let you adjust the settings on each cart and find the perfect balance. 

If you prefer vape carts like THC, Live resin, CBD, or distillates, the Snail vape battery has got you covered and is great for discreet vaping on the go. 

Don't wait any longer to experience the ultimate vaping experience. Get your hands on the Snail vape bundle today and elevate your vaping game to the next level. 

Replacement cartridges are available separately, so you can always keep your vaping experience fresh and exciting. Order now and let the Snail vape bundle become your go-to for all your vaping needs!

SNAIL Battery
Compact Design
350mah battery
Fit with any 510 Cartridge

Mixed Cartridge Pack
LOOKAH 510 quartz wax carts mixed pack
M-model Dab carts:1*tip+1*Tunnel quartz coil+1*Column quartz coil+1*Flat quartz coil+1*Double quartz rod coil


My husband LOVES it!! I have purchased several Lookah products but this one has been the most loved gift by far! The snail performs exactly as advertised and is exactly as described! He looks forward to his snail after work every day! Thanks Lookah for making me a hero!
I’ve had both the original snail and now the 2.0. Differences are apparent, the hits come out clearer and the auto off function has improved the battery life.
Excellent product would recommend this product for all my bud and dabbing friends everywhere.
It took a while longer than expected to arrive but the product is awesome. I will order again.
I think the snail is a great little vape. It really does look like a snail and it is very small and compact. I loved that it came in Orange which is my favorite color. I like that it has 3 heat settings and that if you forget to turn it off it shuts itself off after awhile. I also like that I have the versatility to use a cart or dabs as it came with a wax atomizer kit. I haven't used the wax atomizers yet but I'm sure they will work just fine.
Another amazing product by Lookah, I own several of the items for sale here and I must say I love this little snail, it hits amazing and is simple to load. Hits are either smooth and tasty or you can crank it up two more times for those smokey bomb vapes. I simply love it and think they're a steal especially if you catch them on a sale like I did!

10/10 To Lookah from the engineers to the shippers I can't thank you all enough. I look forward to a large snail or snail 2.0 some day.
Love every product I’ve purchased, Especially the Snails. Ordered one in almost every color. Haven’t had a cart that doesn’t work with it! The dab attachment (sold separately) is Awesome. AND, they’re Cute.
Check out the new YouTube channel homegrownVibez! It is your go to for all your smoking product reviews.


The first is on this Snail Wax Kit. It is the first video. So please come over and like and subscribe and take a 420 leap of faith as we only grow and get better through this journey.
I have one for carts and one for wax...these snails are convenient and cleverly built.
Great little device the only short coming is that you will get an older style snail battery where the led is on the side and impossible to see with the metal dab attachment on. The new Snail batter have the LED on the top and have over come this issue. I would buy a new snail battery and the 510 atomizer separately.
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