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Small Bongs & Mini Bongs

How many-inch bong is a small bong?

Small Bong

These small bongs are all 7 to 14-inch bongs. This is a nice size to use comfortably but not small enough to use on the go or take to a party or friend's house. 

These bongs have a range of shapes and sizes often with cool themes like mushroom or skull and decorations. These smaller bongs are more decorative than bigger options and also more affordable. They still feature percolators but offer less complex and frequently include a recycler. Many of these small bongs

How many inch bongs is a Mini Bong?

Mini Bongs are usually under 6 inches high, as measured from the base to the top of the mouthpieces.

These are cute bongs that are portable and easy to use anywhere. Mini Bongs typically have a simpler design and feature a single water chamber with a basic percolator or recycler for smoke filtration.

They work exactly like larger bongs and will filter the smoke through the bowl and down the stem, then up to the mouthpiece. The small size means there is less filtration so the hits will usually be hotter as there is less distance between the bowl and the mouthpiece for the smoke to be cooled.

How to use a small bong?

There is no difference in use between a small bong and any other water pipe, but because of its smaller size, it is more convenient to carry.

The bong is a water pipe used to smoke marijuana, which features water to cool and filter the marijuana smoke, resulting in a cleaner and healthier smoke that is smoother when inhaled. The way it works is simple, the smoke is passed through a pipe into a filter chamber filled with water.

When the hot smoke passes through the water in the filter chamber, the water cools the smoke and filters out some of the harmful substances, such as embers, tar, and so on.

Some people can not stand the strong smell and hope to filter many times, so they will choose more filter water pipes, small bongs generally have only one filter, but some high-quality small bongs will make multiple openings in their bubbler so that the surface area of the smoke is fully cooled and filtered.

Before using small bongs, you first need to ensure that the inside of the bongs is clean, I think you will not let yourself smoke in dirty equipment, which will not only affect your health but also a pungent smell is a bad experience. Clean pipe to enjoy the refreshing blow. lookah therefore, recommends that you use a cleaning solvent after each smoke, or use alcohol and vinegar to clean if you want to know the detailed cleaning method, described below.

In the case of ensuring that the smoker is clean, we begin to fill the filter chamber inside the smoker to reach the water level covering the lower rod but pay attention to the depth of the water injection according to the size and design of the smoker, otherwise, it is possible that the first breath is not smoke, but water. This is even more important in small bongs.

So let's sort through the steps.

1: Prepare the clean bong and put it in a place you think is comfortable.

2: Fill the tobacco, fill the cigarette holder with your tobacco, (smoking cannabis extract), and then press the mouth of the cigarette holder to ensure the density of the tobacco in the cigarette holder, if it is not filled, continue to add tobacco to it.

3: If it is a windproof lighter, you can directly direct the flame outlet to the tobacco on the cigarette holder, if it is an ordinary lighter, it is best to match the lighter with a kindling or picking needle, because the flame of the ordinary lighter will not change with the change of hand direction, so that you can not cover the burning area of the flame on the tobacco. Thus, the tobacco is not fully burned, affecting the pleasure of the blow, and then the tobacco will burn quickly, after burning, you can press the cigarette nozzle with the hand, and you can also close the lid on the cigarette nozzle.

4: the lips at the mouth of the bowl, pay attention to the use of the lips on the bottom of the suction mouth, rather than the leakage of the place, because the caliber of each smoker is different, the size of the mouth is different, placed inside is a more unified way, and will form a certain degree of sealing effect.

5: Inhale, remove your fingers (the lid is open), let the external air flow in along the cigarette holder, take a deep breath, and inhale all the smoke into the lungs.

6: Exhale, inhale the smoke into the lungs, and then exhale long, you can also quickly inhale close to inhale, purely depending on personal preference. A little rest, ready for the next blow.

At first, there may be some funny situations when using a novice, but after one or two operations, you can skillfully master the way to use a small bongs.

How much is a small bong?

The price of small bongs on the market is different, and the corresponding price is different according to different materials, brands, and processes.

Among them, the price of silicone-type bongs is relatively low, about $39~ $60, and high borosilicate glass, because of its beautiful appearance and high heat resistance, will be slightly higher, about $100~ $300, the most expensive is carbon fiber, the general enthusiast will choose, more than $500.

The price gap is formed according to the design, value increment, and so on.

The high borosilicate glass bongs have met the needs of all small bongs enthusiasts.

One of the features of the small bong is that it is very convenient to carry, whether it is put in the pocket of clothes or backpack, whether you are traveling or driving, you can always give you a good blow when you need, and will not cause you inconvenience when using.

Plus the small bong's price is generally not expensive, you can have plenty of conditions to choose more of your favorite styles, I believe that Lookah's design will not disappoint you, especially now there are new discounts, if you are interested, you can look to buy one back to try it out, its smaller size in the compact structure shows the charming flow of smoke and water. The unexpected design allows you to find the one that excites you at a glance among the many products, which is its unique feature.

How to clean a small bong?

Nothing ruins the mood of smoking more than a dirty pipe, so regularly cleaning their bongs is what smokers should do. The most common way to clean small bongs is to pour 91% or 99% isopropyl alcohol into the bong and prepare some kosher salt as an abrasive, shake for 5 to 7 minutes, and then pour water to clean.

So you may not have any concept, so let's break it down into steps to explain.

1: Prepare some materials necessary for your cleaning.

A basin or a place where you can have room to wash.

② kosher salt

③ Cleaning solvent, vinegar, or rubbing alcohol

④ Clearwater

⑤ Clean gloves

2: Confirm the condition of the bong you want to wash, if there are still water stains and other flower herb residue, empty it out, and make sure there are no solid particles in it. Then add warm water to fill the bong one-third of the way.

3: Disassemble your bong, disassemble, and clean the removable parts including pipes and mouthpieces one by one, if they cannot be removed, they will not be used. After disassembly, check whether these parts are damaged or cracked. After you clean them, you need to replace them if necessary to ensure that there is no problem with the parts during assembly.

4: Add kosher salt and rubbing alcohol to your bong, and then add detergent to the bottom of the bong, so that you can complement each other to clean up the inside. It is recommended to use kosher salt and isopropyl alcohol, and the concentration of rubbing alcohol is higher, preferably more than 90%.

5: Plug the mouth of the bowl and cigarette holder and start shaking, the amplitude is not too large so that your abrasives and cleaners will not cause a lot of mess and waste in non-main cleaning places.

6: Repeat cleaning, pour the cleaning solution into the sink, and rinse thoroughly with water, according to the degree of dirty to determine the number of cleaning, usually one time is enough, a time of about 5 to 7 minutes.

The cleanliness of the bongs mainly depends on daily cleaning, maintain the frequency of cleaning once a week, and you will get a good smoking experience.

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