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LG001 Water Pipe

Mini Conical Glycerin Glass Water Pipe

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LG001 Water Pipe

Description for Water Pipe

This freezable glycerin mini bongs is like smoking out of a bong made from ice. The conical water chamber has two layers of strong borosilicate glass filled with colorful liquid glycerin. 

Simply place the pipe into a freezer an hour or so before you want to smoke. When removed an hour later, the frozen glycerin will supercool your smoke producing a chilling effect that's akin to smoking from an icicle pipe. 

Sitting just 6.5 inches high conical-shaped mini water pipe adds a refreshing dimension to your smoking sessions. It features a 7 slotted showerhead perc for filtration, a bent neck to prevent splashback, and a 14mm female joint on the down stem. 

Make sure this glycerin water pipe is clean and empty of water before freezing. Remove the flower bowl and place it on a flat surface in the freezer. Do not use this frozen pipe with a torch lighter as the extreme temperature change can compromise the glass. Stick to a regular lighter or hemp wick. 

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6.5 ''
500 GM
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This is the first time I've ever tried one of these freezable water pipes and I was kinda skeptical starting out. but I thought what the heck, I'll give this a chance.
I must say I've been converted, even though it is fairly small as far as bongs go you get nice cool hits.
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