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Ice Bongs For Sale

Ice Bongs are made with the coolest and smoothest possible hits in mind. 

Ice Bongs can suspend ice cubes in the middle of the smoke path in the central chamber resulting in sub-zero temperature hits that every bong smoker chases.

What is an Ice Bong?

Ice Bongs are water pipes that have some small inwards halfway up the neck chamber which suspends Ice Cubes above the water.

glass ice bong

Using a Glass Ice Bong results in much smoother hits and is far less harsh making it easier on the throat. 

It is crazy the difference adding a few ice cubes makes to your smoking experience. 

Couple putting ice cubes into your ice bong with added cool water in the chamber and you'll quickly fall in love with the additional cooling effect on your filtered big hits.

Lookah's online smoke shop offers a wide variety of ice bongs, ranging from beaker bongs to percolator bongs. 

By choosing Lookah's outstanding craftsmanship, you're guaranteed a remarkable and fulfilling experience.

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