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Cool Tataoo Hour Glass Bong

Cool Tataoo Hour Glass Bong

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Elevate your dabbing experience with the exquisite T'ATAOO Hour Glass Bong, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design that turns every dab session into a moment of elegance and precision.

This Glass Bong is not just a dabbing accessory; it's a statement piece that reflects your unique taste and style. 

The T'ATAOO Hour Glass Bong is a piece of art that transcends the ordinary, offering a unique dabbing experience that is both visually and functionally impressive.

Imagine setting up this sleek dab rig in the comfort of your living room or a cozy corner of your studio. 

The hourglass silhouette and the high-quality glass used in its construction not only make it a centerpiece of any dabbing session but also ensure a smooth, cool draw.

As you prepare your concentrate, you're setting the stage for a rich and flavorful experience. 

The water filtration system of the T'ATAOO Hour Glass Bong provides a cooling effect that enhances the taste of your preferred concentrate, while the unique flask-like shape allows for a stable and secure dab.

The dab rig's size and design contribute to a more efficient filtration process, reducing harshness and providing a smoother vapor. 

The use of high-quality borosilicate glass in the construction of the T'ATAOO Hour Glass Dab Rig is not just about aesthetics; it's about durability and performance.

This material is known for its resistance to thermal shock and its ability to withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for repeated use without the risk of cracking or breaking.

What sets the T'ATAOO Hour Glass Bong apart is its distinctive T'ATAOO touch. 

T'ATAOO's reputation for craftsmanship is evident in the attention to detail and the striking geometric patterns that adorn the rig, making each piece a one-of-a-kind collectible.

The dab rig's unique features, such as the straightforward slotted disc perc for optimal filtration and the large conical splash guard for efficient water expulsion, all contribute to an elevated dabbing experience.

People who choose the T'ATAOO Hour Glass Dab Rig can expect more than just a functional device; they are investing in a conversation starter, a piece of art, and a tool that enhances their relaxation time.

It's not just about what you get, but how it makes you feel—a sense of sophistication, precision, and a connection to the artistry of T'ATAOO.

The T'ATAOO Hour Glass Dab Rig is a statement of style and substance, offering users a premium dabbing experience that is both visually captivating and technically superior, providing a sense of luxury and enjoyment that is unmatched.

Design & Aesthetics

The centerpiece of this dab rig is a stunning work of art, featuring a striking geometric flow pattern that wraps around the hourglass silhouette. The recurring geometric pattern on the straight neck, combined with the distinctive T'ATAOO logo, adds a touch of modern elegance.

Pattern & Details

The intricate pattern on the dab rig is a visual feast, with the geometric design creating a mesmerizing contrast that captures the essence of modern art and precision.

Size & Dimensions

With its hourglass silhouette, the T'ATAOO Hour Glass Dab Rig is designed for optimal filtration and smooth hits. The flask-like shape ensures a stable and secure dab, while the straight neck allows for a comfortable grip.

Material & Construction

Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, known for its durability and heat resistance, this dab rig is built to last. The glass is thick and sturdy, ensuring that it can withstand regular use without compromising on performance or aesthetics.


The performance of the T'ATAOO Hour Glass Dab Rig is as impressive as its design. The straightforward slotted disc perc provides an even distribution of vapor, resulting in a smoother and more flavorful draw.

The large conical splash guard enhances the filtration process, ensuring that each dab is cool, clean, and satisfying.

Key Features

  • 11.5-inch Tall: Provides a compact size with no compromise on performance.
  • Hourglass Silhouette: Offers a stable and secure dabbing experience.
  • Geometric Flow Pattern: Adds a touch of modern elegance and sophistication.
  • Distinctive T'ATAOO Logo: A unique and eye-catching centerpiece.
  • High-Quality Borosilicate Glass: Durable and heat resistant, perfect for the 11.5-inch stature
  • Large Conical Splash Guard: Allows for efficient water expulsion.

Conclusion The T'ATAOO Hour Glass Dab Rig, standing at an impressive 11.5 inches, is more than just a functional piece; it's a work of art that combines form and function in perfect harmony. Whether you're a collector or a connoisseur, this dab rig is sure to impress and provide an enhanced dabbing experience that is out of this world, all within the sleek and compact dimensions of 11.5 inches.


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