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14" Novelty Honeycomb Percolator Recycler Bong

14" Recycler Honeycomb Percolator Bong

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14" Honeycomb Percolator Recycler Bong
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14" Honeycomb Percolator Recycler Bong
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14" Honeycomb Percolator Recycler Bong
14" Honeycomb Percolator Recycler Bong
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Description for Novelty Honeycomb Percolator Recycler Bong

The Novelty Honeycomb Percolator Recycler Bong is a one-of-a-kind bong that combines the innovative filtration of a honeycomb percolator with recycler technology for an exceptional smoking experience.

This donut recycler bong stands a cool 14.5 inches high and serves up a whirlpool of cool hits. The action starts with showerhead perc, and just as the bubbles rise through the chamber, they get shredded apart with twin honeycomb percs. This creates rip-roaring chaos as bubbles cascade into a mass of filtration madness. If that wasn't enough, a huge donut recycler takes the smoke for a cooling cycle before it shoots out of the bent neck heading right for your mouth. The bent neck makes it great for relaxing with as you send large rips blasting through those percs. 

LOOKAH has always adhered to its original design, and for your health and better smoking experience, it uses high borosilicate glass material that is cleaner and easier to clean. Compared with ordinary cool bongs, we use more vivid colored glass in the appearance to highlight the vivid characters.

Recommended Scenarios

If you love the outdoors, take this cool bong outdoors to a backyard, patio, or natural setting. Using a bong outdoors, fresh air, and natural scenery can greatly enhance relaxation.

At professional smoking competitions or bong display events, this bong can be used as a showcase item to demonstrate the pinnacle of bong-making craftsmanship and the ultimate smoking experience. It can be used as a prize in a competition or as a display item to attract spectators.


950 GM
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I started smoking looks glass when I bought a 18” recycler bong from the local smoke shop, that was about 10 years ago… recently I cracked the base, and even though it’s functional, it’s time to retire. So I looked for my old piece on this website and I didn’t see it, but I kept looking back at this one. It came to me BROKEN!! I contacted support and they sent me another one right away, and this one was ok, better even it was a clear piece but the second one they sent has gold accents!!! And it works better than I could have imagined, I even tried my seahorse x as an e-nail and that was great as well. A perfect centerpiece for my growing collection.
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