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Percolator Emerald Triple Chamber Bong

17" Percolator Emerald Triple Chamber Bong

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Description for Percolator Triple Chamber Bong

If you are looking for the ultimate smoking experience, then the Recycler Percolator Emerald Triple Chamber Bong is the right choice for you. This high-end glass bong not only combines excellent design and craftsmanship but also brings users unprecedented purity and smoothness through its unique triple filtration system, Sprinkler Bubbler, and Recycler function. 

This high-end glass bong takes the art of smoking to new heights with its superior design and exquisite craftsmanship.

The emerald-colored exterior design not only gives it a noble and elegant temperament but also symbolizes its concept of pure and serene smoking. Its triple filtration system, Sprinkler Bubbler, and Recycler, brings users unprecedented purity and smoothness. 

Whether it's the emerald color or the excellent filtration, the Bong meets all your expectations for a perfect smoking experience.

Every detail, from the body of the bong to the neck to the base, is meticulously designed and polished to demonstrate a superior level of craftsmanship.

This large 16.55-inch bong is a standout among smoking appliances with its tall size and exquisite design. Its colorful accents and wide base display a unique aesthetic appeal and stability. Designed with the smoker's needs and aesthetics in mind, this bong is intended to provide a wonderful vaping experience that will maximize your enjoyment with every use.

Wide and Stable Base

The wide base is one of the highlights of this bong.

Not only does it provide solid support to ensure the stability of the bong during use, but it also increases the capacity of the bong, allowing the smoke to travel a longer path and through more layers of filtration before being inhaled.      

This design contributes to the cleanliness and flavor of the smoke, and also makes the bong more suitable for extended use!

Wonderful Smoking Experience

This water pipe is designed to provide a wonderful smoking experience. 

The size of 16.55 inches makes it unique among smoking appliances and brings a new kind of smoking experience to the user. 

Both the flow of smoke and the dynamics inside the water pipe are visually stunning. 

The water pipe's filtration system and Recycler function ensure the purity and flavor of the smoke, making every puff a pleasure.

Maximum Enjoyment

With this water pipe, you will get maximum enjoyment.

Not only does it fulfill your basic needs for smoking, but it also brings you a new, all-encompassing smoking experience. 

From sight to taste, from touch to mind, this water pipe satisfies all your senses. 

Whether you are enjoying it at home or sharing it with friends, this water pipe will be an important companion in your smoking life.

Sprinkler Bubbler

Starting with a wide downstem, the smoke is directed to a sprinkler perc with 11 branches, a design that significantly increases the surface area of the water in contact with the smoke.

The 11 branches allow the smoke to be dispersed into smaller streams as it passes through, with each branch filled with water, thus increasing the efficiency of the filtration.

The filter sprinkler filter placed at the base ensures that the entire filtration process is efficient with its smooth and balanced water function. 

This design not only improves filtration but also reduces the pressure inside the bong, allowing for a smoother flow of smoke, thus providing a more enjoyable smoking experience.

The smoke then enters a narrow glass passage that leads to a hollow space where the next step in the filtration process takes place. In this space, the smoke and water are forced through a Swiss cheese-like layer, which consists of many small holes that provide a complex path for the smoke, further increasing the filtration effect.

This "Swiss cheese" layer supports the filter chamber in the center, which not only increases the area of filtration of the smoke but also promotes the mixing of the water with the smoke through the small holes, achieving a more complete filtration. This design allows the smoke to be thoroughly purified before it is inhaled while providing a smoother and cooler smoking experience for the smoker.

Triple Chamber

Each chamber features a percolation or filtration layer for the ultimate smoking experience.

The triple filtration system is one of the core features of this bong, the triple filtration chamber design of this bong effectively reduces impurities and particles in the smoke by increasing the cooling and filtration area of the smoke, ensuring that the smoke is adequately purified before it is inhaled.

Each filtration chamber plays a unique role, working in concert to optimize the quality of the smoke. The first chamber focuses on the initial dispersion of the smoke, lowering the temperature by increasing the contact area of the smoke with the water while capturing larger particles.

The second chamber captures finer filter media, further refining the filtration process to remove even tinier impurities. And the third chamber is the final purification stage, ensuring that the smoke reaches the highest standard of cleanliness before it is inhaled.

As the smoke begins to concentrate, a barrel-shaped Faberge egg-like percolator splits it from the water, pulling the rich, heady smoke into the final chamber.

This design ensures that the smoke is fully purified before it is inhaled, providing a purer smoking experience.

The Recycler feature recirculates the smoke after it passes through the filtration system, increasing the efficiency of filtration and adding a unique cycling dynamic and visual enjoyment to the smoking process.

This multi-layered filtration system greatly improves flavor and aroma. For novice smokers, the triple filtration system reduces the irritation they may encounter when first smoking, allowing them to enjoy the process with greater ease. 

For seasoned smokers, this filtration system provides a finer, richer smoking experience, allowing them to savor the original flavor of tobacco more deeply. 

With the Recycler Percolator Emerald Triple Chamber Bong, you'll experience a whole new way of smoking. 

From the moment you light your tobacco, the smoothness of the smoke flowing through the triple chamber, to the way the emerald colored bong shimmers in the light, to the cycling dynamics of the Recycler feature, every smoke is a pleasure.


Overall, the Recycler Percolator Emerald Triple Chamber Bong is more than just a smoking tool, it is also a crystallization of art and craftsmanship. 

With its unique emerald color appearance, efficient triple filtration system, innovative Recycler features, and exquisite craftsmanship, it meets all the user's expectations for a perfect smoking experience. 

Choosing this bong is choosing a new way of life, an ultimate pursuit of health, aesthetics, and craftsmanship. It not only enhances your smoking experience but also becomes a piece of art in your life, allowing you to feel its unique charm every time you use it. 

In terms of maintenance, the triple filtration system, although complex in structure, is designed to be easy to disassemble and clean, ensuring convenience and hygiene for long-term use. 

Users can easily remove the various components for cleaning without having to worry about the filtration system affecting the smoking experience because it is difficult to clean.

All in all, the triple filtration system is one of the highlights of this Recycler Percolator Emerald Triple Chamber Bong, which not only enhances the safety and health of smoking but also greatly enriches the taste and enjoyment of smoking.

When you place it in your home or any space, it will become an eye-catching decorative piece that shows the owner's taste and pursuit of quality of life.

Recommended Scenarios

This deluxe triple-chamber bong can be given as an upscale gift to a friend who cares about aesthetics and quality of life. Its unique design and practical features make it a memorable gift choice.

OUTDOOR RECREATION: In outdoor leisure activities such as picnics, camping, or beach vacations, this bong can be your companion, seamlessly blending with nature and providing a smoking experience that harmonizes with the natural environment.

On camping nights, when the laughter around the campfire gradually fades, this bong becomes your companion once more. Sitting outside your tent, gazing at the starry sky, you take a draw from the bong, feeling the smoke resonate with the stars above, as if engaging in a cosmic conversation. The wide base of the bong ensures it stands firmly on uneven ground, guaranteeing safety during outdoor use.

During beach vacations, this bong can also be your partner as you enjoy the sun and sea breeze. On the sandy beach, you recline on a lounge chair, playing with the bong in your hands, feeling its harmony with the sand, waves, and sunlight. Each draw is a tribute to nature, with the pure smoke intertwining with the fresh sea breeze, enhancing your vacation experience to perfection.

RECREATIONAL RELAXATION TIME: During personal relaxation time, this water pipe becomes more than a smoking tool, it becomes a medium to enhance the experience. Imagine yourself sitting in a cozy rocking chair on a sun-drenched afternoon with an engaging novel in your hand. As you flip through the pages and immerse yourself in the plot of the story, you take an occasional puff, and the pure smoke seems to bring the magic of the words to life, making your reading experience more vivid and profound. The smoke rises slowly inside the water pipe, accompanying the ebb and flow of the book's plot, adding a unique sensory enjoyment to your reading journey.


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I really love the triple stack perc. It is the perfect size house piece. I have bought a few and even gave them as gifts. What a great gift to give and even better to receive. Everybody was beyond stoked ! After owning a Lookah you don't want anything else cause nothing beats the quality of Lookah.
The only thing I can say is fantastic. From the shipping to the product itself. Incredible smooth strong hits beautiful design how to say thanks to the guys are Luca for everything
The only words I can say is simply fantastic everything was fantastic from the shipping to the product itself incredible smooth tasty strong hits thanks you guys at Luca
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