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BM905 Water Pipe

Futuristic Stylish Stright Candy Bong

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Description for Futuristic Stylish Stright Candy Bong

The Candy Bong features a straight, clean-lined body that embodies the minimalist principles of futuristic design. The candy aspect is reflected in the bold use of candy-like colors, giving it a playful and eye-catching look.  The sleek lines and vibrant hues create a visually striking piece that stands out in any collection.

Candy Bong has a showerhead percolator that can be fully filtered. The bubbles and water form a frothy spectacle, and the smoke goes straight up through the pipe and out of the holder, pleasing your senses.

LOOKAH has always adhered to its original design, and for your health and better smoking experience, it uses high borosilicate glass material that is cleaner and easier to clean. Compared with ordinary cute bongs, we use more vivid colored glass in the appearance to highlight the vivid characters.

Recommended Scenarios

When you feel stressed, gently smoke the Candy Bong through the carefully designed showerhead percolator, bringing cool and smooth inhalation, helping you to relieve tension and enjoy a moment of peace. Candy color design, when you use Candy Bong, these bright colors will inspire you with positive emotions.

In the art exhibition opening or theme party, the Candy Bong can be used as a work of art or decoration, it combination of futurism and fashion, so that you can use it at the same time, but also feel the charm of art.