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10" Funky Badass Evil Eye Bubbler Bong

10"Funky Badass Evil Eye Bubbler Bong | High Borosilicate Glass

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Description for Funky Badass Evil Eye Bubbler Bong

The Funky Badass Evil Eye Bubbler Bong is a smoking accessory that fuses bold aesthetics with cultural mystique, creating a unique piece that's as functional as it is visually striking. 

This 9.5-inch Evil Eye Bubbler Bong makes a bold statement with its beautiful blue and green color-coordinated accents and delightfully detailed melting head. 

A disc percolator with 12 slits in this single chambered bong provides plenty of filtration, while the bent neck raising out from the bell-shaped chamber ensures there is no splashback.

The thick base keeps the bong from tipping over but weighing a little over 500 grams is comfortable to hold making it ideal for use as a daily driver. Coming with a 14mm Big Mom flower bowl it makes for an affordable first bong ready to go right out of the box. Just add water and the herb of your choice.

LOOKAH has always adhered to its original design, and for your health and better smoking experience, it uses high borosilicate glass material that is cleaner and easier to clean. Compared with ordinary cool bongs, we use more vivid colored glass in the appearance to highlight the vivid characters.

Recommended Scenarios

At home, Evil Eye Bubbler Bong is a unique work of art with a psychedelic design that transports you into a fantasy world, giving you a sense of escapism and adventure to relax.

At themed parties such as Greek mythology or fantasy events, the cool bongis designed to fit right in, adding authenticity and fun to give you a sense of excitement and immersion.


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