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Big Bongs For Sale

What Is a Big Bongs?

big bong

Lookah bongs and glass pipes, towering from 14 to 23 inches, showcase a range of styles, including beaker and straight tube bongs, as well as larger ice bongs.

Beaker bongs, a classic water pipe with a wide base, offer unparalleled stability and a larger water chamber for enhanced cooling and larger hits.

Ice bongs feature a notch for ice, cooling the smoke as it passes, and making them a refreshing choice for those who prefer larger hits.

Most water pipes today boast percolators, providing superior filtration over simple slit-down stems. These percolators break up water and smoke, creating smaller bubbles for enhanced cooling and trapping ash and debris.

Benefits of Big Bongs

Smooth Smoking Experience

One of the main benefits of big bongs is the smooth smoking experience they provide. The larger size and additional percolators help filter and cool the smoke, resulting in a smoother hit. This is especially beneficial for consumers who may have sensitive lungs or prefer a less harsh smoking experience.

More Smoke

The larger chamber and bowl size of big bongs allow for more smoke to be filtered and inhaled at once. This results in a more intense high for consumers, making it a popular choice among experienced smokers.


As mentioned earlier, big bongs come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, making them a versatile option for smokers. Whether you prefer a classic beaker bong or a novelty big pink bong, there is a big bong for every preference and style.


The use of high-quality glass in big bongs makes them durable and long-lasting. This is especially beneficial for consumers who may be prone to breaking or cracking their bongs. The thick and sturdy glass used in these bongs can withstand accidental drops and mishandling, making them a practical choice for everyday use.


While big bongs may have a higher upfront cost compared to traditional bongs, they are an effective 

Features of different sizes of LOOKAH’s large glass bongs

14~16 inch bongs

With 14-16-inch bongs, they are mini yet mighty in the smoking world, boasting the qualities of larger bongs. 

Their powerful smoking experience is soul-enriching, leaving an unforgettable impact. Classic beaker bongs in this size are artistic works, blending beauty, performance, and practicality for a visual and sensory delight. They are perfect companions for intimate moments or adventures, transforming every smoke into an exciting and satisfying journey.

17~19 inch bongs

With bongs spanning 17 to 19 inches, they're personal-sized masterpieces, compact yet spacious for cooling and filtering smoke. They're portable smoke purifiers, offering a refreshing experience anytime, anywhere.

Honeycomb bongs filter smoke like nature's beehives, while filter bongs use advanced technology to eliminate impurities, delivering pure, smooth smoking. These bongs are ideal companions for home breaks or outdoor adventures, exceeding expectations with their unique design and functionality.

19~21 inch bongs

With 19-21-inch bongs, they're the pinnacle of smoking indulgence. Their ideal size and elegant design offer the ultimate blend of comfort and excitement.

Each breath is like a satisfying meal, delivering perfect satisfaction and euphoria. Customized for you, their exquisite design showcases the craftsman's dedication to perfection.

21~24 inch bongs

It's like riding a colossal, majestic tower of smoke that not only captivates the eye but also plunges you into a mind-blowing adventure with an unparalleled smoking experience; each deep breath is a thrilling sensory challenge, immersing you in a sea of intoxicating vapor, where you can revel in unmatched pleasure and passion, making it the perfect centerpiece for a gathering of friends to amplify the joy of socializing.

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