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Ice Recycler Bong

20.7" Ice Recycler Bong | Helix Water Pipe | Percolator

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Description for Ice Recycler Bong

This big bong water pipe is part of the Lookah Glass Platinum Collection. This 4th Dimension bong is designed to deliver hits so fresh and smooth it leaves you drifting in space-time. Are you ready to experince the 4th dimension?

The magic starts in the first chamber, with tree perc featuring vertical slits on spring-shaped arms.
The smoke then has three exits: Via the two recyclers on the sides, or the central coil recycler.
Whichever way it goes, there's ample space for the smoke to cool as it travels through this water pipe.

The three recyclers come together in the center to form a large donut perc. This further spins and cools your smoke before it reaches the ice pinch. Then it's down to you. Want some next-level chilliness? Fill her up; you've got three tiers in the ice pinch before the ice can melt and escape down to the chamber!
This water pipe is a masterpiece of cool delivered from a 4th dimension to percolate and filter your most beautiful bud into a vibrant, massive hit. Welcome to the 4th Dimension!

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WPC760 Lookah BongWPC760 4th Dimention Bong


1600 GM
Bowl Size:
Base Size:


This is without a doubt my new favorite glass. I highly recommend this vendor and will definitely buy from again. The only thing I would like to see changed is to have to option to select the color you want and not to go with random selection by the seller. Otherwise, nothing but good things to say.
GORGEOUS. My fiance freaked out when he opened it.
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