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Glass Bongs & Water pipe

Start exploring the world of lookah glass bongs and find the perfect bong that suits you best!We are proud to say that at lookah, you can find water pipes that are unique in the industry. From size, function, and appearance, each model has been designed and developed for at least three months, using high-quality borosilicate glass as the material.In our various types of models, you are sure to find a smoking device that suits you or your friends. Start browsing the collection we have prepared for you!

Advantages of Glass Bongs

Compared with silicone and acrylic bongs, the strong glass water tube can filter out the fine particles in the smoke, providing a smoother and cooler hit. Some bongs are equipped with PERC in their water chambers or pipes, which maximizes the diffusion and cooling of smoke and produces a better tearing effect.

Based on glass material, we have made a unique design in terms of function and appearance. Not only are dry herb cannabis concentrates filtered and chilled, delivering a smooth, mild hit, but you can also achieve unique shapes to your liking, expanding your collection.

If you are used to using waxes, oils and spreads together, we recommend using dab rigs as they are designed to maximize flavor and are great for concentrates.

You can also choose some smoking accessories to use with your bong, which makes your experience better

Types of Bongs

drawings of bongs

You may already know the basic structure of a regular bong from elsewhere, but at lookah, you can break away from the homogeneous bong market and see ingenious creations. We have many distinctive styles. Compared with the industry, we have made more complete preparations for the same type of products. You will not feel disappointed because you can only get the same American coffee after visiting the coffee shops on the whole street.

1:Beaker Bongs
Beaker Bong

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These classic glass beakers are Erlenmeyer flasks, they have a flat bottom, a larger body and a cylindrical neck. Typically with a removable diffuser lower stem, the large chamber allows you to take a big hit. Popularized centuries ago, this style has endured and remains a favorite among smokers for the huge rip that it delivers.

2:Mini & Small Bongs 

Mini Bong

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This is a style that has become popular in recent years. As the requirements for "timeliness" are getting higher and higher, "convenience to carry when traveling" has gradually become a factor that everyone considers. Mini bongs are suitable for many people who have not yet arrived home but are already eager to smoke. It is undoubtedly a good news for everyone. Its size allows it to be put into any of your luggage or clothing pockets, which will provide good smoking conditions for your travels and parties.

3:Cool Bongs
Cool Octopus Bong
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A cool bong refers to a smoking device that is visually appealing. Unique appearance design is the best way to distinguish "you and me" for smokers who pursue personalization and unique soul. Among lookah's many original designs, there is always one that will give you a "customized" experience after viewing it. The detailed carvings and vivid color depictions will tell you that this is the smoker that understands you best.

4:Cute Bongs 
Cute Cactus Bong
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Cute bongs are popular smoking devices among girls. The inspiration for the appearance design comes from the yearning for fairy tales. You can find innocent emotions in each model. The detailed designs that touch the softness of the heart seem to bring you with you. Back when I was a kid and played on the swing in the garden.

5:Percolator Bongs 
Percolator Bong
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Percolator guns have one or more chambers filled with water, which helps maximize cooling and filter fumes. When you inhale, the smoke will be forced into the path created by the filter, where the fine particles will be effectively filtered, refining a purer flavor. Percolator bongs can greatly reduce the burning sensation on your throat, making them an excellent choice for many newbies.
6:Recycler Bong 
Recycler Bong
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A recycler is a common concentrated water pipe that consists of multiple chambers and complex pipes. Typically the smoke is recycled in a second chamber and brought into a cycle, returning through the original chamber. It’s a dab rig that spreads significantly and is great for both dried flower and cannabis extracts.
7:Dab Rigs
Glass Dab Rig
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A dabbing device is a smoking device, usually made of glass, and a water pipe designed specifically for vaporizing cannabis wax concentrates. These concentrates include live resin, terp sauce, budder, shatter, bubble hash, and more. Commonly used types of waxing equipment are traditional waxing equipment, electronic equipment, and nectar collectors. Each type has its own unique features and benefits.

Bongs buying guide and precautions

Flower or cannabis concentrate? For flowers, there are more traditional options such as rolling a joint or packing a bowl, and we would recommend water pipes (bongs). For cannabis concentrates you can use dabbing tools like drills and nails, we would recommend dab rigs

1: Size of Bong 
We recommend purchasing a bong based on how you want to use it. If you are an experienced smoker and like strong impact, you can try a 16~24inch large bong. If you often need to travel, you can try a 6~10 inch mini bong, which can be easily placed in your suitcase or pocket. If you don’t like to go too extreme in terms of specifications, then a medium-sized bong of 11 to 15 inches can just meet your universal requirements.
2: Connector size
In addition to the size of the bong itself, you also need to consider the size of the joint. This is the seal that connects the bong to its various accessories and pipes. Fittings are measured in diameter and are only compatible with fittings of the same size. We carry 14mm, 17mm, 18mm and 19mm connectors.
3: Budget for Bongs
The design and functionality of a bong will greatly affect its value, some have multiple filters that help filter and cool the smoke, others have ice clips that allow you to add ice cubes to further cool the smoke, and some science-style bongs The gun has a complex network of pipes and chambers that flush and filter the smoke. The more features and larger pipes, the more expensive it will be. A cheap bong may seem like a good deal, but if it's not made from quality materials, and If it doesn't provide the best smoking experience, then it's not worth much. In order to thank the vast number of consumers for their love for the lookah brand. From time to time, the Lookah online store will hold limited-time gratitude feedback discount activities. Many high-end smokers have participated in the activities. Everyone is welcome to participate.
4: Delivery service
We have three distribution warehouses in the United States, East United States, Central United States, and West United States. We will deliver products to the nearest consumer's address to provide the fastest possible delivery service.
5: After-sales feedback
If you have any product questions or after-sales needs, you can contact us through the website or email.
If you have any suggestions for our products, you can also contact us. We look forward to making better products based on your suggestions. You can leave comments and messages to our official account through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. We have launched an activity designed for you. We will select some really great ideas, turn your ideas into physical objects, and give you the first 10 products for free so that you can share them with others. Friends, isn't this cool?
We hope that through our own original creations, lookah will cover more categories of smoking accessories.

What are Bongs? Parts of a Bong 
To understand what a bong is and how it functions, we can examine the different parts of the device. Let's consider the different components that make up a bong.
A bong consists of four main parts: the bowl, downstem, water chamber, and mouthpiece. Each part plays a vital role in the overall functionality.

Glass Bongs - Anatomy of a bong

What are Borosilicate Glass Bongs?

At Lookah, we use durable borosilicate glass for our coolest bongs and smoking pipes. Unlike some cheap bongs for sale online, we only offer premium quality pieces made from the highest-grade borosilicate glass.This type of glass is made with silica and boron trioxide as the main glass-forming constituents. Borosilicate glass is well known for having a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. That low coefficient means it is more resistant to thermal shock. There is less thermal stress when the glass changes temperature, so it can withstand more considerable temperature differences without breaking.We offer a stunning range of unique, intricately hand-blown, and limited-edition glass pieces.

Bongs & Water Pipes FAQs

  • Are cheap glass bongs safe?

    The safety of cheap glass bongs depends on their manufacturing quality and materials. If made of high quality borosilicate glass and well crafted, it may be safe.

    However, low-quality materials and poor workmanship may result in a risk of breakage or explosion. Users should choose reputable brands and follow proper use and maintenance guidelines to ensure safety.

  • Are expensive bongs better?

    Whether an expensive bong is better depends on personal needs and preferences. In general, a more expensive bong may have advantages in terms of materials, craftsmanship, design and filtration, but not everyone needs or is willing to pay extra for them. 

    When choosing a bong, you should consider your budget, needs and preferences rather than basing your decision on price alone.

  • Can a glass bong be repaired?

    Yes, a glass bong can potentially be repaired depending on the type and extent of the damage. Common methods include using a glass repair kit or epoxy to fix cracks or chips, or having a professional glassblower make more extensive repairs.

    However, in some cases it may be more practical to replace a broken bong. Always prioritize safety and consult with experts when attempting repairs.

  • How to fix a glass bong?

    Repairing a glass hookah usually requires the following steps:

    1. Assess the damage: Determine the extent and location of the break in the hookah.

    2. Clean: Make sure the broken part of the hookah is clean and dust free before repairing.

    3. Select the appropriate adhesive: Use a strong adhesive specifically formulated for glass repair.

    4. Apply the adhesive: Carefully apply the adhesive to the broken area, ensuring even coverage.

    5. Secure: If necessary, use tape or clips to hold the broken part together until the adhesive dries.

    6. Wait for drying: Allow the adhesive to fully dry, usually 24 hours.

    7. Sanding: Once the adhesive is dry, gently sand the repair area with abrasive paper to smooth it.

    8. Check: Check that the repair is secure and that there are no leaks.

    Please note that these steps apply to minor cracks or chips. If the hookah is badly broken, it may need to be professionally repaired or replaced.

  • Is it bad to glue a bong back together?

    Gluing a bong back together is generally not recommended due to risks of toxic fumes, compromised structural integrity, impaired functionality, and potential safety hazards.

    It's safer and more reliable to seek professional repair or replace the bong.

  • Is thicker glass better for a bong?

    Yes, thicker glass is usually better for bongs because it offers better durability and resistance to damage. 

    Thicker glass bongs are stronger and less likely to break or scratch, making them suitable for frequent users or those who tend to have slippery hands.

  • What is a soft glass bong?

    A soft glass bong is a type of smoking device made from a flexible, durable glass material that can bend without breaking. It is designed for smoking substances like tobacco or cannabis.

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