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​Why Vaping Makes You Cough And How To Prevent It


Why Vaping Makes You Cough And How To Prevent It

Vaping Makes You Cough

Vaping has soared in popularity over the past few years because they are less harmful to the lungs. Instead of rolling joints or smoking, many are turning to vape.

Research is ongoing, but vaping has been identified as a healthier option than smoking. However, many consumers still find that they cough when they take a puff from a vape pen.

There could be many reasons that make you cough when vaping. One thing is for sure, anything that irritates your lungs to any degree, like smoke and vapor, can cause you to cough.

Here are some ways that might help identify and treat your cough so you can enjoy the benefits of vaping.


Vape Juice Ingredients

In addition to any potentially suspicious ingredients in vaping, terpenes in cannabis oil can cause you to cough. Terpenes are an aromatic oil that brings a unique flavor to different cannabis products and extracts. Terpenes are, in part, the reason for the differing effects of cannabis varieties. However, sometimes these oils can make your throat itch and cause you to cough. The solution could be as simple as trying a different strain, and the cough will go away.


It's Hot and Dry

When you're creating a vapor to inhale into your lungs, there will be some element of heat. 

Your lungs are designed for inhaling cool, mild air, not hot, dry marijuana vapors. Heating a vape pen too high can irritate the lungs and throat, eventually leading to a cough. Maybe you can turn down the voltage on your vape pen or keep a glass of water nearby to help keep your throat moist.


It's Not a Joint

If you grew up with joints, you might need to adjust how you vape to avoid coughing.

Many consumers who used to smoke cannabis now use vape pens in the same way they would toak on a joint, inhaling for too long and too frequently. 

The result of vaping this way may be a bad cough or even vomiting. No one wants it. Try to take smaller, shallower puffs. Take your mouth off the pen and get some fresh air between vapor inhalations. This method will improve your vaping and is a lot kinder on the lungs. 

Stay Hydrated

Drinking up to 8 glasses of water a day is pretty standard medical advice. For some of us smokers or new vapers, we may not be drinking enough water. 

Propylene Glycol can cause you to experience a dry mouth and lead to coughing as it bonds with the water in your saliva. A very quick fix would be to drink extra water. This will help all of your bodily functions and could eliminate your cough.


Change The Coil

Larger vape kits or sub-ohm vape mods will usually go through replaceable coils. 

The coil is the small heating element that vaporizes the liquid/oil to create a smoke-like vapor that you inhale. If you are coughing when using a larger vape mod, you may want to change the coil. Over time, the coils can wear down or gather a build-up of residue that can cause an unpleasant vaping experience. So either replace your coil, find a coil with a higher resistance or look to try a vape kit that comes with a built-in coil in their pods or refills.


Underlying Health Issues

If you have a respiratory illness such as asthma or bronchitis, this may make you cough anyway. Perhaps, consider looking for oil drops or edible alternatives. Also, keep in mind that your vape oil may contain ingredients you're allergic to, such as propylene or vegetable glycol. Talk to your local budtender about what might be better for you. Or, check out some other ways to smoke marijuana that work better for you.



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If smoking cannabis oil is new to you and you cough a lot, you may need time to get used to it. Find out what works best for you.

Choose a vape with water filtration.

When it comes to vapes with water filters, we're definitely in the lead with Lookah. A large portion of Lookah's vapes can be filtered with water. This has the benefit of cooling the vapor for smoother rips. 

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Seahorse Pro

Seahorse Pro

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Seahorse X

   Seahorse X

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