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Why Does My Vape Cart Taste Burnt and how to fix it?


Have you ever had the unpleasant experience of tasting a burnt vape cartridge? It's a terrible memory for many vape enthusiasts. We invest time and money just to enjoy vaping, but ending up with a burnt taste is disappointing. I've had the same experience and have summarized the reasons and solutions. I hope this information can help you too.

two vape carts

1. Old Coils

If the coils in your vape pen are old and worn out, they may not vaporize the e-liquid properly, leading to a burnt taste. Every coil has its own lifespan, so remember to check if it is working well or if it is worn out after some usage.

Fix: It is recommended to purchase a new one; it is better to buy from the original brand or the vape company,their origin coils must match with your vape device very well.

2. Wrong Coils

If you recently replaced your coils with new ones and find that they are burnt, the issue may be that the new coils do not match well in terms of power or compatibility with the oil.

Fix: You can consider purchasing the correct coils from the original brand. This ensures a good match with your vape device and it is no need to worry about compatibility issues or testing in this condition.

3. Coils have been primed oil incorrectly

 If you just use a new coil,please install it and then take time to prime the coil with oil before using,then you can test to see if it work well.If not,the coil is easy to burnt.

Fix: Do prime oil to coil correctly before usage and give a test.

4. Over Heating

Most of vapes have adjustable power setting system to let use to choose their preferred power level.usually lower power bring cooler and less vapor,higher power bring warm and thick vapor.

However, using higher power levels can cause the coil to burn the oil.

Fix: Use the right power,don’t use higher.if you are not sure which is ideal power level,you can gradually increase the power step by step instead of immediately selecting the highest one. 

5. Low E-Liquid Levels

lower liquid is the main reason why taste burnt,if there is not enough oil in the wick,when coil heats the limited oil will be quickly vaporize, you will taste the burnt smell if the heating continue.

Fix: do keep the carts have enough oil,and add oil or change oil cart in time.

6.Using wrong oil.

There are some different oil in market,normally the VG and PG are base ingredient used in most e Liquids. High VG e Liquids are thicker than e Liquids made with a 50/50 VG to PG ratio, which means the coil may not absorb the liquid efficiently. This can lead to possible burnt hits.

Fix: Choose the correct e-liquid for your device.

If you are a newbie, I highly recommend using a 510 cart battery with a cartridge. You can buy a new cartridge once it is used up. Since it is a unit, you will not encounter any matching problems. The manufacturer has adjusted the coil and oil very well.