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Which are the best Coils for Wax Vape Pens?

Wax Coils Lookah

Which are the best Coils for Wax Vape Pens? 

Which wax coils are best, metal, ceramics or quartz?

Vaping has been in vogue for over a decade and is only growing in popularity. While there are different ways to vape, there is one primary tool used in vaping, and it's the wax vape pen. It seems simple, but on closer inspection, there are some complex parts to this tool.

The most complex part is probably the wax coil.

This is an essential part of the device and has developed over time to deliver a better vaping experience.

There are many different types of wax coils, each with benefits and cons for the user. Some users may prefer one type over another, but they all aim to do the same thing, heating and vaporizing the wax to produce a flavorsome and enjoyable vaping experience.

In this article, we will look deeper into wax coils and what makes them unique.

What are the main types of wax coils?

There are different coils available but they generally use one of three materials in the form of a dish like cup or a heated plate or core.

1. Ceramic

2. Quartz

3. Metal/Steel

These are the main types of coils on the market. However, quartz and ceramics coils are splintered into subgroups. These subgroups are meant to give users a different vaping experience, but some are pricier than others. For example, pure quartz is known to be better but is very expensive for the consumer. This high price is why you are more likely to run across crushed quartz, which also offers more balance for the user.

How have coils evolved?

The coils, like the vape pen itself, have changed over time. It is not the same as it once was when vapes were first used on a large scale by the public. 

While popular, the early iterations of the wax coil were known for being unreliable. Sometimes, it produced vapor; sometimes, it did not, even if everything was in place. Then there was the problem of overheating. 

While the industry later resolved these issues thanks to natural technological advancements during its early inception, which resulted in a better regulated, more reliable coil, the other problem was the vape pens' inability to last longer than a few sessions, thus needing to be thrown away. This pushed consumers away as they did not want to purchase new pens repeatedly. The industry realized this was a coil issue, not a pen issue, resulting in the introduction of reusable/replaceable coils.

Now that people have close to unlimited access to the coil, this led to another realization that some prefer to vape differently or want a different experience. This difference caused manufacturers to create different coils, which, over time, were broken down into further subgroups, each of which helped to produce different vaping experiences.

These progressions of the coil have led to what we have today, which is a more durable, longer-lasting coil that seeks to provide the best vaping session for each user while remaining affordable to the masses.

Pros and cons of the different wax coils

Just like anything, coils provide many benefits to users, but they also have downsides. Vapers typically weigh the pros and cons to decide which is best for them. Below, we will look at the pros and cons of some of the different wax coils.


These were the first mass produced coils and were once commonplace due to the ease and cheapness to produce. However as technology rogressed they became outdated by coils with superior heating properties. There was also fear that cheaper coils made with some metals could end up leaching compounds like lead into the wax or oil thet would be later inhaled.


- High surface area

- Fast heating

- Cheap


- High chance of inhaling metal particles

- Dry/Burnt taste

Ceramic bucket

Ceramic Coils
With this kind of atomizer, the coil sits under a solid bucket or dish made from ceramic. This means the coil doesn't touch the wax, so there is less chance of burning. However,, due to this design,, the ceramic takes longer to heat up,, which uses more power and requires a larger battery.

- Longer lifespan

- Better heat retention

- Preservation of flavor: The coil doesn't touch the wax.


- Delayed heating

- Inefficient temperature control

- Possible exposure to ceramic powder

Porous Ceramics:

The porous ceramic coils have better heat-up time than the ceramic dish. As the wax melts and spreads through the porous material, it heats more evenly, so there is no pooling.


Heat fast and

The wax spreads evenly to the heating element.

The smoke lingers for a long time and slightly enhances the taste.


There is a risk that ceramic powder will enter the lungs and be harmful to health.

Quartz Bucket

Quartz Coils

The quartz bucket coils are similar in design to the ceramic cups but are not as easy to make and are more costly. These are similar to a banger on a traditional dab rig and offer the purest taste. It can cause pooling and burnt spots if not heated evenly or tilted. They also don't retain heat or ceramic and can be easily damaged. The Unicorn Type II quartz bucket coils are like these and provide excellent flavor.


- Pure taste

- No chance of inhaling toxic material


- Expensive compared to other options

- Damage easily

- Slower to heat than porous coils

Porous Quartz

The porous quartz coils combines all the benefits of quartz with those of porous coils. They are easier to make, heat up fast, and have a good taste.


Heat up fast

Good pure taste



Wear out faster than quartz cups

In the end, all wax coils have their pros and cons. It becomes a matter of which pros outweigh the cons. Ceramic coils have good retention but have health issues to be aware of, such as the possible exposure to ceramic powder.

Quartz cups have the purest flavor but are easily damaged and can be costly. Metal/steel coils are suitable for a quiet vape session, but there is a good chance you could inhale dangerous particles. This danger, in particular, keeps people from metal/ steel coils, and also, the flavor isn't as pure as it's easy for the wax to burn.

LOOKAH produces its own range of porous quartz coils which are compatible with the newer devices and offer a good balance of flavor and affordability. If cleaned regularly, these coils can last a good amount of time, minimizing the need for replacements.


Coils have been around as long as vape pens. Every year, technology advances, providing users with better options. Technology and manufacturing practices improve, making once expensive items cheap. Like anything, there are different options for different people. Some are more expensive than others, while some may pose a greater health risk.

Ultimately, it is up to each user to decide which is best for them. Typically, people lean toward the porous quartz subgroups. But with them all being on the market, each has an audience. As vapes grow in popularity, wax coils will undoubtedly see more options.