What is a Zip of Weed? How Much Does it Cost?


what is a zip of weed and how much

In the ever-evolving world of cannabis, it’s crucial to stay informed about the various terminologies, measurements, and consumption methods.

Especially for new consumers of cannabis flowers, who may feel completely lost and daunting when it comes to understanding cannabis slang.

For example, One term often pops up in cannabis conversations is a “zip of weed.” Additionally, other terms are also popular. These include "eighth" and "quarter."

Understanding these terms can make cannabis lingo less confusing. It helps you understand how much weed you’re actually buying. This makes transactions smoother and more transparent.

In this guide, we will go deeper into what a zip of weed is, its history, how much it is, and other common slang terms attributed to the cannabis industry.

What is a Zip of Weed? How many grams in it?

A zip of weed

In the world of cannabis, a "zip" is a common slang term that act as a unit of measurement. It refers to an ounce of weed. That's about 28 grams (technically 28.3 grams) to be exact.

The name comes from the idea that an ounce of weed will fit nicely into a one-gallon Ziplock bag.

An ounce may not sound like a large measurement, but in terms of marijuana, it is considered a large “bulk” purchase.

In recreationally legal states, a zip or ounce is usually the largest amount of bud that an adult over the age of 21 can legally buy.

This measurement is widely used across the cannabis industry and is considered a standard quantity for bulk purchasing by regular users.

The Origin and History of the slang "Zip of Weed"

The history behind the term varies depending on who you ask, but the most common belief is that it started as a subtle expression to describe weed back in the days when it was not legal in most places.

The weed would often be carried around or sold in plain Ziploc bags to look less conspicuous, hence the term ‘zip’.

Much of those terms took root in the market and are now seeping into the legal cannabis market — Old habits never die.

What does a Zip of Weed Look like?

what does a zip of weed look like

A zip of weed typically looks like 20-30 nugs, To the naked eye, It might fill a standard sandwich-sized zip-lock bag or a small to medium-sized jar.

However, A zip may appear deceiving because different strains can produce shorter or heavier buds than others, making it seem like there is less flower.

What are Some Common Weed Measurements?

common weed weight measurements

As mentioned earlier, a zip of weed is equivalent to 28 grams or one ounce.

Beyond that, there are several other common measurements used in the world of cannabis consumption. Here are a few examples:

A Dime (1/28): 1 gram or $10.

A Dub (double dime): refers to twenty dollars worth, Normally between 1-2 grams.

An Eighth (1/8): 3.5 grams

A Quarter (1/4): 7 grams

A Half (1/2): 14 grams

A QP (quarter pound): 113 grams

A HP (half pound): 226 grams

A Pound: 453 grams

While these are the most commonly used measurements, some dispensaries and dealers may also offer smaller or in large quantity.

If you use cannabis occasionally, it's always best to clarify the exact amount you are receiving and its corresponding weed costs before making a purchase.

How Much is a Zip of Weed?

How Much is a Zip of Weed

The cost of a zip of weed can vary widely, typically ranging from approximately $100 to $400 or more.

Factors such as location, product quality, and the legal status of cannabis significantly influence pricing.

It’s important to research local prices and consider factors like quality and personal budget when purchasing marijuana.

Five Factors Influencing the Price of Weed

five factors influencing weed price

Weed Prices are shaped by supply and demand, Product Quality, Legal Status, Loction, Purchase volume, and more.

1. Legal Status and Loction

The price of weed can vary depending on the legalization status, as well as regional variations.

In some areas where marijuana is legal, the price may be lower due to increased competition and a regulated market.

In areas where cannabis is not legal, prices can be significantly higher due to the risk associated with illegal activities.

2. Product Quality

Just as with any other product, the quality of your cannabis, including the strain and THC levels, can also affect its price.

Top-shelf strains often come with a heftier price tag due to their potency (taste, aroma, experience) and overall appeal, while lower-grade products cost less.

3. Supply and Demand

Market dynamics such as supply and demand greatly influence the cost of a zip.

If high-demand cannabis product is in low supply, the price will increase even more.

Conversely, low-demand, high-supply cannabis products will typically cost less.

4. Supplier

Prices can vary drastically depending on whether you’re purchasing from a legal dispensary or the black market.

If you purchase from a reputable supplier, then it may be more expensive than if you were to buy from an unknown seller.

5. Purchase volume

Many dispensaries offer discounts for bulk purchases: you might get 10% off your entire purchase if you buy a whole ounce, for instance.

How Long Does a Zip of Weed Last?

How Long Does a Zip of Weed Last

The duration a zip of weed lasts can vary greatly, depending on how much and how often you typically consume.

If you’re a daily consumer, a zip could potentially last you just over a month. However, if you’re a casual smoker who only partakes a few times a week, a zip could last several months.

With a zip of weed or 28 grams, you can roll 28 to 56 joints, 9 to 14 blunts, or puff up to 56 bong bowls, depending on how much you pack into each.

If you are using your one zip of weed for baking edibles at home, an ounce could be all you need to continue baking for months due to the long-lasting, high potency of edibles.

How to Store a Zip of Weed Properly?

How to Store a Zip of Weed Properly

If you are buying a zip of weed and don't consume it often, you need to store it properly to avoid it going stale and to waste.

The temperature should be around 65 degrees Fahrenheit (or 18°C), as an environment that is either too cold or too hot can lead to the weed drying out and/or losing taste and strength.

It should also be kept in a dry environment, as humidity can lead to it going bad or getting moldy over time. The humidity should be maintained at 50% or lower.

You should also avoid the weed sitting in direct sunlight, as the light and heat can lead to faster degradation.

Therefore, It is ideally store in an airtight, opaque container (like Mason jars) in a cool, dark place (A cabinet or closet) - can keep your zip fresh for up to a year.

Should You Buy a Zip of Weed?

If you consume weed regularly, such as every day or multiple times a day, you may want to buy a zip of weed as the bulk cost equates to less than buying smaller amounts every few days. It should last you 3-6 weeks.

But if you prefer to smoke a joint once a week, or only if you are with friends or family, then a zip of weed might be too much to buy at one time.

You can go for an eighth (3.5g) or a quarter (7g), as this might last you about a month.

If you buy too much, you will notice that the taste and strength of the weed will start to fade after around two months, which results in a wasted supply.

If you only smoke a joint once every few months, or you just enjoy partaking in 4/20, you are better off buying a gram or two grams, as this is enough for one or two joints at a time.

This also allows you to buy as you need, instead of buying and storing which can lead to the weed going stale or bad.

Other Key Cannabis Terms You should Know

Knowing cannabis terms can make a huge difference.

Other key terms include "sativa" and "indica." These words refer to different types of cannabis plants.

Sativa strains generally gives an energetic high, while indica strains is more relaxing.

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the compound that gives weed its psychoactive effects, making you feel high.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound that doesn’t make you high. CBD is often used for its calming and pain-relieving effects.


As cannabis continues to gain acceptance and becomes more mainstream, Knowing Related terms like "a zip of weed" enhances clarity and ensures accurate transactions.

This knowledge helps both consumers and sellers communicate effectively.

You can purchase cannabis in various quantities, from much smaller quantities like a single gram to more moderate amounts like a quarter, up to a zip.

Whether it's for recreational or medical purposes, A zip of weed is a great way to stock up on cannabis for future, personal use too.

However, if you are an infrequent user, a zip may be too much for you because it is essentially a multi-season supply, which can go bad quickly if you don’t store it right.

If you’re a cannabis expert, you likely know how much you want to buy, but if you’re newer to the plant, try taking it slow and purchasing a smaller amount.

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