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What can you use as rolling paper? 10 Best Alternatives


Rolling a herbal cigarette

Smoking is a ritual enjoyed by many, and for those who prefer to roll their own cigarettes, rolling papers are an essential component.

However, You may run out of them unexpectedly, leaving you wondering what to use instead. Or, maybe you've been on the hunt for a more natural smoking solution.

Fortunately, there are many alternatives to rolling paper that are worth exploring. From corn husk to DIY Apple Pipe, we'll take a closer look at some of the best alternatives for rolling papers.

In addition, Knowing what's safe to use can help you become more versatile and resourceful, expanding your overall cannabis experience.

What are Rolling Papers?

rolling a joint with rolling paper

Rolling papers are special ultra slim paper used in smoking purpose, which is one of the oldest methods to smoke.

They are used to hold dried herbs, tobacco, weed, marijuana, or other burning ingredients which make smoke.

Basically rolling paper are made of - wood pulp, rice pulp or Hemp pulp.

Rolling Papers are usually distributed in packs with the closest to a mystical power over marijuana smokers.

10 Best Alternatives to Rolling Papers

These top ten alternative ways of smoking include using paper that isn't intended to be smoking paper, making your own pipe, or making your own bong.

1. Bible Paper

While it may seem sacrilegious to use pages from a Bible or dictionary, they make excellent substitutes for rolling papers.

These thin pages are very easy to manipulate and roll, and they also stick together pretty well with saliva. Plus, They are also easy to find.

Use a blank page in the Bible, avoid using paper with ink, color or chemicals on it.

Don't use receipts receipts, checks, and phone books, which are mediocre and harmful alternatives. The ink on them is usually too heavy, and paper burns too quickly, which can ruin the smoking experience.

2. Gum Wrapper

Peel away the foil side of a gum wrapper, leaving only the thin paper. This paper can be used for rolling a joint or cigarette.

Gum wrappers already have a nice rectangular shape, just place your weed on it, roll and enjoy your cannabis.

However, because of their small size, you'll end up with a mini joint.

3. Corn Husks

Dried corn husk is one of the most well-known alternatives for rolling papers. It's an all-natural, affordable, and long-burning material that works perfectly for tobacco and various herbs.

Corn husks are very easy to roll thanks to their fibrous membrane. Moreover, corn husk lacks the papery taste of rolling papers, making the smoking experience even better.

Interestingly, corn husks are a common choice in Jamaica, Mexico and some parts of the U.S.

Dry out the corn husk inner layer by leaving it in the sun for a whole day. You can also put in on the oven for about 10 seconds. Once the husk is dried you can make the cuts to make a rolling paper shape.

When you are ready to smoke, hit the husk with a small amount of water, and let it sit for a couple of minutes. This will allow the husk to stick together when the joint is rolled.

4. Rose petals

Rose petals offer a natural and aromatic alternative. It might take some practice to perfect rolling with rose petals, but it's worth the effort.

Placing three rose petals in an oven on the broiler setting for about 10 seconds at about 250 degrees Fahrenheit to get rid of excess moisture.

Add your bud and a crutch, roll it up with saliva, then place the rose joint back in the oven for another few seconds to solidify your joint!

Many stoners regard this as a luxury because the lovely rose aroma that escapes, when combined with the cannabis being smoked, creates an amazing experience.

5. Fruit Pipes

Fruit pipes are a great way to solve the no papers dilemma. This trick dates back and is an excellent way to flavor your weed smoke.

Technically, any dense fruit or vegetable will work, and that also includes apples, pears, and more. With them, you can make improvised pipes that work well as alternative rolling papers.

First, poke a hole through the top, halfway into the core. This will act as your cone piece. You'll need to make the top hole a little wider so you can pack your weed.

Next, from one of the two sides, poke a hole that goes just far enough to meet the first vertical hole you made.

So you now have two holes that meet somewhere inside your piece of fruit. One is horizontal and the other is vertical. Pack your aluminum foil bowl into the vertical hole, and smoke out of the horizontal one!

6. Homemade Gravity Bong

A gravity bong is a type of homemade smoking device that uses air pressure and gravity to smoke from a bowl of burning cannabis into a container filled with water.

Here is how to make a gravity bong at home:

Find a plastic bottle that has a lid and a bowl that fits over the top. A two-liter bottle will work just fine.

Cut the bottom of the bottle, leaving about 4-5 inches of plastic.

Drill or melt a small hole in the cap of the bottle, then insert a bowl made of aluminum foil.

How to use your new bong:

Fill a large bucket or basin with water. Place the cut-off bottom of the water bottle into the water, making sure that the top of the bottle is above the waterline.

Load the aluminum foil bowl with cannabis and light it.

Slowly raise the bottle out of the water, which will create a vacuum and cause the smoke to be drawn into the bottle.

Once the bottle is full of smoke, remove the bowl and place your mouth over the top of the bottle.

Push the bottle down into the water, which will force the smoke into your lungs.

7. Homemade Pipes

You can also create a small pipe using various materials like a soda aluminum can or a metal tube.

Aluminum cans are creatively dented to provide a bowl to be perferated and packed with weed.

However, Burning a soda can or tin foil emits toxic gasses that aren't safe to breathe in directly. we recommend not using it or using it only once.

3 Alternatives to Smoking Blunts and Joints

Now, partaking in the herb is another thing. Ideally, a user will have a bong, pipe, or even a vape pen. These are the most common ways to smoke weed.

Vapes are a good option if you like your marijuana in wax or liqud form. Bongs and pipes are tried and true tools of the trade, as are rolling papers, just without the need to know how to roll.

8. Bongs

Bongs are a tried-and-true method of consuming cannabis flower. These smoking apparatuses come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes.

Many bongs offer water or ice filtration, which can provide a cooler and smoother smoking experience in comparison to a blunt or joint.

9. Pipes

Pipes, like bongs, come in many different shapes, materials, and sizes to fit the consumption needs of all patients and consumers.

These consumption devices also do not pose the same risks and potential dangers presented by tobacco blunt wraps.

Glass pipes are very intuitive, making them perfect for beginners.

10. Vaporizers

For those who love to inhale cannabis but want to avoid combustion, perhaps a cannabis vape pen is just what you need.

These vaporizers come in a variety of forms, from simple-to-use disposable pens to fancy setups with mods, tanks, and various other accessories that can be used time and time again.

Not only is vaping potentially safer than smoking combusted plant material, but it is also better for the environment than single-use papers and blunt wraps.


Where there's a will... There is a way. Never let the lack of rolling papers keep you from getting high.

With the tips above, you can get high using regular items in your house.

Some of these alternatives to rolling papers are even safer for your lungs. You can use fruits, vegetables, or even dried-out rose petals and hollowed-out cigarettes.

If you're feeling extra clever, you can also make your own bong or pipe.