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What are Sun Rocks & How to Smoke Them?

Sun Rocks Weed

What are Sun Rocks & How to Smoke Them?

What are Sun Rocks and How to Smoke them

Most people will have heard of Moon Rocks. They are thought to have emerged from the West Coast rap/hip-hop scene in the 90s. Moon rocks are buds of cannabis dripped in hash oil and then coated in kief, and they are famous for being highly potent. Take a hefty bong rip with these distillate-soaked nugs, and you'll fly high as the stratosphere. 

A new kind of potent bud is becoming popular: Sun Rocks.


Moon Rocks Versus Sun Rocks - What's the Difference?

Moon Rocks Versus Sun Rocks

Before diving into sun rocks, let's look at how moon rocks are made and what you can expect when they try them out.

Moon rocks start out like any flower bud: they are planted indoors or outdoors, and then the buds are harvested, trimmed, and cured. The dried nugs are then coated with hash oil or distillate to saturate the buds and, after, rolled in kief. The result is a sticky flower with an opaque coat that tests around 50-60% THC. 

The quality of moon rocks varies greatly. Its thick coating makes it almost impossible to judge the flower quality used. Many stories exist about people being scammed and opening up moon rocks to find dried brown buds inside.


What are Sun Rocks?

Sun Rocks are very similar to Moon Rocks - take some quality cannabis buds and potent high-THC extracts - and take them up a notch. 

Moon rocks can contain flower buds, hash oil, and kief from any strain and quality, making it difficult to predict the taste and effect of terpenes.

With Sun Rocks, all the ingredients are top shelf. The buds are premium and pure, delicious extract and rich kief - all come from the same strain, so they complement each other.   

This is like a triple whammy regarding flavor and entourage effect.

One popular choice is the myrcene-rich OG Kush strain of sun rocks you'll find.

Because of the thick, opaque oil used in moon rocks, it's only possible to tell if the buds are good quality once you buy one and break it open yourself. 

Sun Rocks replace low-quality hash oil (usually produced by extraction with trim and shake) with a top concentrate extracted from nugs of the same strain. This could be a high-quality BHO extract.

The resulting extract is rich in trichomes and contains more flavor than typical hash oil with each hit. In addition, the purity of the oil makes the extract more transparent, allowing consumers to see the buds even when dusting the kief. 

These upgraded elements are not just for taste; they also help improve the Sun Rocks' potency. At their most effective, Moon Rocks usually reach 60% THC, but Sun Rocks can test over 80% THC.


How to Smoke Sun Rocks


Most consumers recommend using glass to smoke sun rocks and moon rocks. The wax concentrates used to make these rocks are inherently sticky. This stickiness can make your grinder messy and also make it difficult to roll them into joints or blunts. A glass bong is the preferred smoking option.
To save making a mess of your grinder, we suggest using a knife or scissors to cut them up into a smaller size. 

Layer in the bowl

When adding the cutup rocks to the bowl, do not pile them all on top or jam them in. Instead, try mixing or layering them with your regular cannabis herb so that the bowl burns evenly.
Pack some evenly ground herb into the bottom of your bowl, then place some of the broken-up sun rocks in. Adding some more ground weed around the sun rocks will help them burn evenly. 

Use hemp wick

When smoking a bowl packed with sun rocks, try to break them down as small as possible to make it easier to burn, and you're not trying to ignite larger nugs. To get the most out of these flavor elements, choose hemp wicks over regular butane lighters to avoid burning the product and allow its full flavor to come out without polluting the taste with butane. 


THC %Sun rocks typically test 50 to 80% THC
Moon rocks typically test 30 to 50% THC
Made FromSun Rocks uses premium cannabis nugs, extracts, and kief from the same strain of cannabis.Moon Rocks uses regular nugs, extracts, and kief from different cannabis strains.
EffectsSun rocks provide a more intense high than moon rocks, and the effects can last several hours. The intense THC levels can cause some people to green out.Moon Rocks will provide a strong, long-lasting high. This can be an entire body high. However, the high can feel a little muddled due to the mixture of different strains.

Since Sun Rocks and Moon Rocks have three different forms of THC, they can get you very high. If you're not an experienced smoker, take the slow approach to avoid greening out.