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Lookah Launches Portable Water Filter Dab Pen The Seahorse Max Vaporizer

Seahorse Max Dab Pen

Lookah Launches Portable Water Filter Dab Pen The Seahorse Max Vaporizer

Lookah takes the dabbing experience to a new level by introducing the Seahorse Max dab pen.

This unique all-in-one dab pen with bubbler lets consumers leave the torch and rig at home yet experience the smoother and cleaner hits of water filtration on the go. 

The talented designers and engineers at Lookah  have brought together the miniaturized glass water percolators of e-rigs with familiar, easy-to-use dab pen functionality. 
Marketing Manager at Lookah, Mr. J Mash, advised, "Dabbing concentrates with the Seahorse Max aims to enhance the experience that dabbers enjoyed from the Seahorse Pro by adding a water cone to the top of this dab device."

Using the same quartz and ceramic tips patented for the Seahorse range of vape pens ensures the new  Seahorse Max  delivers the maximum flavor and thick vapor clouds discerning dabbers demand.

These tried and tested tips are of the 510 thread variety, ensuring the device provides excellent versatility supporting the use of all leading brand vape cartridges. 

"This device is 247mm high with a diameter of 50mm and comes in at just 183grams, not much heavier than most large-screen smartphones. This portability lets you vape anywhere you want," said Mr. Mash.

A couple of clicks of the button allow the user to switch between the three preset temperatures that can be operated in a preheat or fully manual mode. An LED light keeps users notified of the temperature and functions settings at a mere glance. 

The percolators are hand blown from borosilicate glass and allow for excellent cooling without any splashback. This spot performance is as you would expect from a leading manufacturer with over ten years of experience.

Seahorse Max

It is the same detachable glass that features on the Unicorn E-rig released in 2020. With more glass-style percolators planned for later in the year, users will be able to further customized their vaping experience. 

Attractively priced at $178.99, the Seahorse Max dab pen brings together smooth water-filtered hits of a dab rig with the simplicity of an electronic nectar collector. The kit comes with a tabletop stand for when the pen is not in use and two tips, a custom cleaning brush, and a charging lead.  

It available on the online headshop and comes in a range of striking colors. You can also pick it up from a growing number of online and brick-and-mortar resellers. 

About Lookah 

Since 2009, Lookah has been producing high-quality glass water pipes, bongs, and dab rigs. Since 2020 it has moved into electronic nectar collectors and vaporizers for oil, wax, and dry herb, all of which are available on the brand's website.

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