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Lookah Launches Its First Dry Herb Vaporizer | Lookah Ice Cream


Lookah (, a leader in the manufacturing and selling of glass bongs and water pipes, reveals its very fist weed pen vaporizer. This vaporizer, called Ice Cream, should be available to buy on presale at the Lookah online headshop from early September.

Dry herb vape pen

"We continue to strengthen our offering to consumers looking for ever more convenient ways to enjoy cannabis," said James Mash, Marketing Manager for Lookah's online division. 

Dry herb vaporizers answer the consumers' desire to enjoy the benefits of marijuana conveniently wherever they may be. They are healthier than smoking joints and more portable than water bongs.

This high-end vape pen is designed and made with premium components. It features including a nano black ceramic heating chamber, four preset temperature settings, and easy to use one-button control.

Vaping marijuana is done at below combustion temperatures and has been widely recognized in medical studies as healthier than smoking. Another advantage is that because very little smell and no smoke is created, vaping cannabis is very discreet.

"The innovative Ice Cream dry herb vape pen offers one of the purest flavors when vaping cannabis. The taste profile and ease of use are sure to make it stand out to discerning consumers, whether it's for medicinal or recreational use," James Mash concluded. 

The Ice Cream vape pen will be available to buy from Lookah's online headshop. It will start shipping in early September and should be in select brick and mortar stores throughout North America shortly after.

About Lookah

For more than 15 years, Lookah has been producing high-quality glass water pipes, bongs, and dab rigs. It has recently moved into electronic nectar collectors and vaporizers for oil, wax, and dry herb.