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Is Bong Water Good for Plants or Anything else?


is bong water good for plants

Cannabis and other dry herbs are frequently smoked in bongs, but what should you do with the water that remains after a session?

Is it safe to water the plant? Does it damage the plant? Is it good for drink? Contrary to what you might believe, the solution to this query is more intricate.

This article will be a deep dive into what exactly is bong water and should this unconventional water source be given to plants or any living organism.

What is Bong Water?

what is bong water

bong is simply a smoking device that uses water to filter the smoke from burning dry herbs you inhale. Essentially, the filtration helps remove tar and toxins from the smoke. Besides filtering the toxins, bong water cools down the smoke making it gentle on your throat.

Bong water acts as a filtration medium, trapping ash, toxins and other materials in the process of inhalation.

Over time, this water accumulates a variety of substances, including tar, ash, and possibly bacterial or fungal spores if you don't change it often enough.

What’s in bong water?

what is in bong water

Bong Water may be comprised of the following: THC and CBD, Tar, resin, Ash, Naphthalene, Acrylonitrile, Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, Acrylamide and other Toxins like Campylobacter Jejuni.

What do plants need to survice?

The main requirements for a healthy plant include clean, pH-balanced water, sunlight, suitable temperature, soil, and nutrients like potassium, calcium, oxygen, carbon dioxide, phosphorus, etc., to flourish.

Is bong water good for plants?

Is bong water goog for plants

While it may seem resourceful or eco-friendly to repurpose old bong water for watering plants, several factors suggest this may not be a good idea.

Here are the key reasons why:

1. Presence of Toxins

Bong water absorbs toxins and other byproducts from the substance being smoked. These toxins can be harmful, and sometimes fatal, to plants when absorbed through their roots.

The viscosity of bong water has an oily texture to it. This can further compound the roots’ inability to soak up nutrients.

2. Altered pH Levels

The pH level of bong water is likely to be the acidic end due to the accumulation of acidic compounds like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Plants typically thrive in specific pH ranges and an abrupt change can cause burn roots or nutrient lockout, which could be bad for certain plants, depending on what you're growing.

3. Potential Pathogen Introduction

When dirty water sits in a bong for longer than a day (or less depending on how hot it is), bacteria and molds starts to build up and this can be harmful or fatal to plants.

Bacteria and grimy water can also cause fungus in the soil, which eats away at the roots until the plant eventually dies.

4. Unpleasant Odor

Bong water often has a distinct and unpleasant odor. Watering plants with it could result in the odor being absorbed and released by the plant or lingering in the surrounding soil, affecting the overall environment.

Alternatives to Bong Water for Plants

Alternatives to Bong Water for Plants

Rain water: Rainwater is great for plants as it is free and contains Nitrates, which are absorbed by plants quickly.

Rice Water: Consider using rice water on plants. It is rich in nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and all the essential nutrients that plants need.

Pasta Water: Pasta water has traces of calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and potassium, so it is useful.

Aquarium Water: We all know it is rich in important plant elements and beneficial microorganisms, so you can feed your plants with it every once in a while.

Boiled Vegetable Water: Vegetable water contains many trace elements, and you can use it to water your plants.

Will drinking bong water get you high?

will drinking bong water get you high

If you're a frugal cannabis consumer, you may have wondered if drinking bong water could get you high. Unfortunately, You'd wouldn't get high at all.

Phytocannabinoids like THC and CBD are not water soluble, which is why they pass through the water and into your lungs when using a bong.

The point of the water is to trap carcinogens and tar, which is why it gets brown and gross over time.

Will I get sick if I drink bong water?

The toxins and harmful substances get trapped in your bong water. Additionally, burnt plant particles, ash, and other debris from your bowl contribute to an environment that spawns bacteria, fungus, and other germs.

If you wait long enough, something called a biofilm will develop on the top of your water. If you see a shiny top layer on your bong water, it could be holding on to anything from common mold to E. coli.

Drinking moldy water can give you skin rashes, headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. Not a good feel!


Recycling stuff has now become second nature, trying to find another use for everything before throwing it out.

Although bong water does contain natural fertilizer and dead plant matter, it is generally not beneficial to a plants health and survival.

The safest way to dispose of bongs water is to pour it down the drain and run plenty of clean water after it. This will help to dilute the bong water and prevent it from causing damage to the pipes or the local water supply.

It is always advisable to water plants with clean, fresh, pH-balanced water to ensure they receive the best possible care and continue to grow and thrive.

Plant caregivers should aim to cultivate practices that prioritize plant health and sustainability, and the use of bong water does not align with these principles.