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How To Use a Nectar Collector

How To Use a Nectar Collector

How To Use a Nectar Collector

 How To Use a Nectar Collector

The original nectar collector-type devices were simple glass straws fashioned from pipettes purchased from the chemistry supply shop. 

These dab straws were rudimentary but simplified the process of vaping concentrates with minimal and affordable equipment. 

In 2011 Jefe Zobell brought up the idea of a vertical glass dab piece to Kristian Merwin, and a little while later, the Honey Badger was born. Kristan was refining the concept and, while working on an unrelated project, had the inspiration for the first true "Nectar Collector" with inline perc that remained spill-proof. He sat at his desk and drew what he had imagined. Then he set to work in the studio to make a sample. Within an hour, Kristian was taking a dab from the first true Nectar Collector. 

He knew right away that this would revolutionize the way people vaped concentrates, and with Jefe, he founded the Nectar Collector brand and never looked back. 


What is Dab?

A dab of wax on a dab tool

Dabs are another name for concentrated oils extracted from cannabis

Depending on how cannabis oil is processed, the final product may have a variety of textures, such as crumble, shatter, terp sauce, budder, etc. 

There are specific processes to extract THC oil from the original cannabis plant. The concentrate will retain all of the plant's cannabinoids and terpenes, which determine the taste and potency of your dabs.


Why use nectar collectors?

Nectar collectors are popular because they are easier to use than dab rigs. Many head shops and dispensaries sell nectar collector kits, and the prices are more affordable than a glass dab rig. 

Using a dab rig can feel overwhelming for those new to dabbing. Dab rigs are not very portable and, if made from glass, can easily be broken, so they are only suitable for use at home. 

There are many ways to dab without a dab rig, such as vapes, infused pre-rolls, dab straws, and nectar collectors.  

What's the difference between manual and electronic nectar collectors?

Electric nectar collector overview

Materials such as silicone, glass, quartz, and metal make the nectar collector durable and heat-resistant. The main difference between a manual and an electronic nectar collector is the heat source used to heat the THC extract to its vaporization point. Electronic nectar collectors use heating coils powered by a battery so that they can heat up with the touch of a button. 

However, manual dab straws require a few tools, including butane torches. These are used to heat the tip of the dab straw so it can vaporize the concentrates. However, using a butane torch can be dangerous and inconvenient. 

A butane torch may heat the dab nails unevenly; Guestimating the temperature, so it heats and melts the wax without scorching it can be tricky. And remember that playing with hot implements can be inherently risky; it's easy to melt your skin if you're not careful. This easy of use is why battery powered nectar collectors are likes by many.


Steps for using a manual nectar collector

1. If your nectar collector has a water chamber, place the correct level of water into the device and check the percolation. 

2. Pick out your concentrate and place your dab on a clean surface. The most popular dab mat is silicone, but you can use a glass container or a dab tool to hold your concentration.  

3. Start your butane torch and heat the tip of your nectar collector until it turns red hot. 

4. Allow the nail to cool a little. When ready, bring the hot nail of the nectar collector into contact with the dab. It should immediately begin to melt and vaporize. 

5. Touch the concentrates on the side of the heating tip instead of placing the tip directly on top of the dab top. 

6. Inhale the vapor from the cold end of the straw. When finished, place the device down carefully or use a stand. Remember, the tip will still be scorching, so wait for it to cool down before cleaning and putting the device away. 

Steps for using an electronic nectar collector

1. If there is a bubbler on your dab pen, then fill it to the correct level. 

2. Place the dab on a heat-resistant surface, such as a dab tool or dab mat. 

3. Press the button five times to turn on/off your electric nectar collector. The light will flash to indicate it is on. 

4. If you want to change the heating Settings, press the button twice.

5. After turning on your dab pen and setting the heating correctly, press and hold the button to start heating the tip. Some electronic nectar collectors, such as the Seahorse Pro Plus, have a session mode. This can be activated by pressing the power button three times. 

It can take 5 to 10 seconds for the tip to reach temperature. 

6. Touch the tip of the electric dab straw to your concentrate and inhale the vapor produced by the melting wax.

7. To prevent wasting concentrate, be sure to remove the tip from the wax before the end of the heating cycle. 

8. If you are unable to complete your dab in one heat cycle, you can run another heating cycle to ensure that none of the concentrates remains on the coils or your dab mat. 

Lookah has a full range of electric nectar collectors. The giraffe electric nectar collector is one of the easiest to use but not the most portable. The Seahorse Pro Plus is our best-selling model, but if you want more water filtration than this, we recommend the Seahorse Max with its larger bubbler and superior battery life.  

Now that you know how to use both manual and electronic nectar collectors,

You can check out our range of manual nectar collectors and electronic dab devices.