How To Smoke From A Pipe & Tips On Packing & Cleaning Your Pipe


How To Smoke From A Pipe & Tips On Packing & Cleaning Your Pipe

How To Smoke From A Pipe & Tips On Packing & Cleaning Your Pipe

Smoking from a pipe has been one of the most common ways to consume weed for centuries, ever since some long-forgotten genius packed a pipe bowl of cannabis sparked it up. 

Based on the traditional tobacco pipes, the cannabis pipe is quite simple to use. 

You have a herb bowl containing where the marijuana is packed, and an airtight pipe connects the bowl with the mouthpiece. 

Some pot pipes also have a second hole, called a carb hole. 

When you draw from the pipe, you cover the hole with your finger or thumb. This hole changes the airflow, allowing the pipe to be cleared of smoke when released without finishing the bowl or taking a second hit.  

How to smoke marijuana with a pipe is a skill that every marijuana connoisseur should master. 

Of course, there are many other ways to smoke marijuana: vapes, a water pipe, bubbler, joint or blunt. But sometimes it's best to keep things simple, and the pot pipe is an easy-to-use tried and tested method loved the world over. 



The basic marijuana pipe is called a spoon pipe. It has a stem connection, which is a flower bowl with a stem attached and looks a lot like a dinner spoon. 

Most marijuana pipes are made out of glass. This material lends itself to various shapes, sizes, and colors, but pot pipes are also made of metal, wood, and even stone. 

Aluminum is considered a poor material for making pipes because when heated, aluminum can give off fumes that are harmful to your lungs!  

Can you smoke marijuana with a regular tobacco pipe? 

Yes, because it is essentially the same thing, except for those with carb holes. 

But as far as the main properties of pipe are concerned, burning tobacco leaves isn't much different from any other sort of herb. 

One main difference between smoking marijuana and smoking pot is that weed pipes often have screens, which can and should be used for any pot pipe, be it metal, glass, ceramic, or wood. 

When you inhale the smoke, the screen can prevent weed particles and from being pulled into your mouth.


How to smoke with a pipe and inhale correctly

How to smoke with a pipe and inhale correctly

Although smoking marijuana pipes is not rocket science, there is a correct way to get all that ganja goodness.

1. You need a glass pipe, spoon, or other trusty weed pipes. 

You also need a small round pipe screen and some form of combustion. 

Screens range in size from 0.5 inches to 1 inch, and you need a size that fits the diameter of the spoon bowl. These screens can be picked up at just about any smoke shop or even from amazon, and a pack of 100 shouldn't set you back more than $10.

2. As for lighting your marijuana, some people like ordinary butane lighters or matches, but some prefer to light the marijuana with a waxy hemp wick, which is easy to light, burns evenly, and does not produce any unpleasant chemical aftertaste. 

3. Make sure you always use ground marijuana instead of hand-torn, because then you can get an even consistency which means it will burn evenly. 

This ensures a good release of all the cannabinoids for a full effect from any potted strain you smoke! 

Weed grinders can be easily obtained from just about any brink and mortar or online headshop, and the price is as low as $10. 

Grinders will have multiple chambers screened off to catch the different graded cannabis particles, and there is often a chamber on the bottom with a fine screen that will capture the kief. This will build up over time and is great to sprinkle over the top of your weed-packed bowl or to press into hash. 

4. Now that you have a weed pipe, a screen, some freshly crushed herb, and some method to light it, it's time to start packing a bowl. 

There are three things you want to make sure that you do when packing your pipe. 

First, make sure that it is ground well, 

then make sure that your weed pipe screen is firmly in place. 

We don't want to get particles or scooby snacks (bits of leaves and ash) in your mouth when you draw. 

Finally, pack your herb lightly in the bottom of the weed bowl but more densely at the top. This allows the pot to continue burning while opening the airflow in the pipe, making it easy to smoke without blocking.

5. It is not difficult to know how to inhale correctly. 

It can help to take a few deep breaths first. 

Start by steadily inhaling the smoke into your mouth then into the lungs. 

With the pot smoke in your mouth, take a deep breath of fresh air so that the smoke and ordinary oxygen-enriched air can enter the lungs together-this will form a smooth, delicious draw without the harshness that can lead to coughing fits. 

Some people hold their breath, but there is no evidence that holding in the smoke for more than a few seconds will make you any higher when smoking marijuana. 

Around 95% of all the cannabinoids, such as tetrahydrocannabinol, will be absorbed by the lungs in a few seconds. 

6. Of course, exhaling is the last step in smoking with a pipe. 

Don't keep your mouth on the pipe when you exhale because that will push the air in the wrong direction and blow out the cannabis in the bowl.

If you struggle when you smoke for the first time, don't worry. Smoking is an art form. You just need a little practice. If you find a pot pipe irritates your throat or lungs consider a bubbler or water pipe. 

Once you've mastered the basics of pipe smoking, you may want to know how to smoke pot without a pipe -- there are plenty of creative ways to smoke pot:

Some people made pipes out of apples, watermelons, or other food items. They drilled a hole into the apple and put the weeds at one end, just like a rough weed pipe.

Some people turn pens into tubes, remove ink cartridges, fill grass at one end and draw from the other end.

There are gravity bongs we cover in another blog. ·

The gas mask is another creative way to smoke marijuana. Using a military gas mask and attaching a bowl for smoking marijuana fills your mask with smoke. When you breathe normally, it is like hotboxing or smoking marijuana in a closed room.

Of course, there are chillums, dugouts, blunts, vaporizers of all sizes from tabletop to pen size, water pipes, and so on!


How to clean a weed pipe:

How to clean a weed pipe

Keeping your weed pipe clean is important because it will hit much better if it's clean and not clogged. 

Cannabis resin will build up as you use the pipe. So you must do some maintenance on the pot pipe. 

There are some great products that you can easily purchase and clean pipes. 

If you prefer DIY pipe cleaners, you have options too! One of the best, most straightforward ways to clean metal or ceramic weeding pipes to maximize your experience is as follows:

1· Put 1 teaspoon salt and some 90%+ isopropyl alcohol in a plastic bag.

2· Immerse your pipe in the salt and alcohol, let it stand and soak, then shake the bag and let the solution shake around.

3· Then, you can wipe off the oily resin with a rag or paper towel. 

It is important to remove all the resin because it is mixed with alcohol, and smoking will be poisonous, so be sure to wash the pipe thoroughly with a little detergent then rinse the pipe well. 

Some people like to boil marijuana pipes in water and then clean them with alcohol and rags. Other clients use nail polish remover, but you must ensure that the chemically treated pot tube is soaked in dishwashing soap and thoroughly rinsed to remove all traces of potentially harmful cleaning chemicals.

To make cleaning less of a chore, be sure to empty the ash from the pipe and give it a wipe after each use. This will mean you don't have to clean it as often.


By now, you'll have learned how to smoke weed out of a pipe, how to pack a bowl, how to smoke weeds without a pipe, and how to clean your pot pipe to maximize your pipe smoking experience. The best way to smoke pot is the one that works best for you, but we've provided you with the basics to get you off to a solid start, whether you're doing it for the first time or want to make sure you're still doing it right.