How to not cough when smoking?


How to not cough when smoking a bong

Are you wondering, “Why do I cough when I smoke weed?

A cough caused by smoking weed can be unsettling.

To learn why smoking cannabis can make you cough, read on.

In this guide, we discuss how to relieve coughing when smoking cannabis.

To learn why smoking cannabis can make you cough, read on. 

Why Does Weed Make You Cough?

The throat and lungs inside the human body are lined with sensory nerves whose job is to detect the presence of irritating substances. Whenever a person inhales an irritant, the sensory nerves transmit a signal to the entire respiratory tract. The signal results in a cough reflex intended to eliminate the irritants. This cough reflex aims to help protect the respiratory tract and the lungs. So, what can cause a person to cough on taking a hit? 

The root cause of a smoker’s cough is smoke. Our lungs and smoke don’t get along – not tobacco smoke, not weed smoke or even vaping smoke.

Every time you smoke, vape or take a hit, you inhale varying quantities of toxins and smoke.

The chemicals you inhale can cause inflammation and damage to the cilia in your lungs – the tiny hair-like cells in your lungs that catch and clear mucus and debris from your airways.

“The cilia become paralyzed when you smoke, so toxins are allowed to settle in your lungs,” expert said. 

This accumulation can lead to a buildup of mucus. Your body doesn’t like mucus, so it starts coughing in an attempt to shake it loose and expel it.”

The main causes of coughing

Irritation of the Airways

The main causes of coughing

1. Temperature of the Smoke or Vapor.

2. Inhaling Excessive Smoke.

3. Choked on the Smoke.

4. Existing Respiratory Issues

5. Quality of the Cannabis

6. Deep Inhalation

Does coughing make your high more intense?

Coughing does not make you “higher” when consuming cannabis.

Does coughing make your high more intense

How to relieve weed cough

Using warm water can significantly enhance your smoking experience, making it smoother and more enjoyable. 

With this water temperature, you are less likely to cough while smoking.

The steam generated from the warmer water has a soothing effect on the throat, reducing any potential irritation or discomfort. 

This creates a more pleasant and comfortable smoking experience overall.

Additionally, the warmer water temperature can help to extract more resin from the smoking material, allowing it to be inhaled more effectively. 

This results in a more intense high, providing a more satisfying and fulfilling smoking session.

In summary, opting for lukewarm water when smoking can lead to a more enjoyable and less irritating experience, while also potentially enhancing the effects of the smoking experience.

Additional Tips

There are several ways to reduce the urge to cough after smoking.

1. Drink an Infused Tea

2. Gargle Salt Water

3. Drinking water before and after smoking can help soothe your throat.

4. controlled inhales.

5. Experiment with Different Strains

6. Cool the Smoke Down With Ice.

7. Ditch the Lighter for Hemp Wick.

8. Get a new bong.

9. Slow Your Inhale


We hope the advice we’ve shared provides you relief and elevates your cannabis consumption experience.