How to Make a Homemade Pipe?


How To Smoke Weed Without Supplies

We’ve all been there before, going in for a nice toke or hit after a long day, only to realize that you’re out of papers or your water pipe broke.

If you’re finding yourself stuck somewhere with no rolling pipe, papers, or bong in sight, fear not – the following DIY methods for smoking weed are guaranteed to save the day. 

From fruit and kitchen items to garden finds, let’s explore some effective ways to get your green on, even without traditional materials.

Never fear—none of these methods take much time or effort, and most of the supplies you need can be found around the house. 

The following are uncomplicated ways to fashion what you lack.

Fruit Pipe

Many fruits lend themselves to being sweet and juicy bongs and pipes. 

The easiest to use are apples because of their shape, and because they are easy to hollow out quickly. 

Plus, their fruit is fleshy but maintains its shape. 

However, if creativity hits and you are surrounded by pumpkins, melons, gourds, cucumbers, or zucchini, it is easy to carve out the necessary bits.

1. Apple Pipe

apple pipe

Here's how to craft your pipe made from an apple, ensuring you can enjoy your weed if you don't have a pipe.

Materials Needed:

  • Medium-sized apple
  • Cannabis
  • Poking tool (e.g., disposable ballpoint pen, knife, key, stick, or screwdriver)
  • Lighter
  • Knife

Step-by-Step Instructions :

Step 1: Prepare the Apple

Twist off the apple's stem to reveal a natural bowl at the top. 

This is where you'll carve out the bowl.

Step 2: Carve the Bowl

Use your knife to carefully carve a bowl-shaped hollow from the top of the apple. 

This will serve as the bowl for your cannabis.

Step 3: Create Airflow

Use the poker to make a hole in the center of the bowl, pushing through to the center of the apple. 

Pens are best for this. 

Poke another hole perpendicular to the first, ensuring it meets in the middle to create a pathway for airflow. 

This will act as the mouthpiece. 

Additionally, carve a third hole on the side to serve as a carb, allowing you to regulate airflow.

Step 4: Pack and Enjoy

Fill the bowl with your desired amount of cannabis. 

Light it up and inhale from the mouthpiece you've created. Enjoy a unique apple-flavored hit.

2. Pineapple Pipe

Materials: Pineapple, small knife, bowl/stem, cannabis, lighter.

Instructions: Cut the top off the pineapple. Core the center, cutting a side hole for a bowl. Fill it with water, attach a smoking hole in the top, and use it for smoking.

3. Bell Pepper Bong :

Materials: Bell pepper, small knife, straw, aluminum foil, cannabis, lighter.

Instructions: Cut the top off the bell pepper and remove the seeds. Carve a small hole on the side and insert a straw for the mouthpiece. Create a bowl on the top using aluminum foil, poke holes for airflow, fill with cannabis, and light up.

These methods not only offer a quick solution when traditional tools are absent but also add a unique twist to your smoking experience with natural flavors.

Make a Pipe Out of a Can

Make a Pipe Out of a Can

This may sound obvious to some, but many do not think of it in a pinch. 

All you need is an empty can—a soda can is perfect.

Materials Needed:

  • A clean soda can (any other aluminum can)
  • A sharp object for poking holes (e.g., a needle, pin, or small nail)
  • Your choice of cannabis
  • Lighter

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Prepare the Can

Start by rinsing the soda can thoroughly to remove any sticky residue. 

Then, bend the lid in and remove the pop top. 

Lay the can on its side and gently push the top side of the can down to create a small indentation.

Step 2: Create the Bowl and Airflow

In the indentation you've just made, poke small holes in a circular pattern to form a grate-like area for your smoking material. 

Near the other end of the can, poke a larger hole which will serve as the carburetor.

Step 3: Load and Light

Add a small amount of cannabis to the grid of holes in the middle of the can, cover the carb hole, and light. Be careful as you draw as the smoke may burn your throat. 

If the bowl gets too clogged throw the can away and make a new one.

Regular Leaf Papers

Regular Leaf Papers

Regular leaves can serve as rolling papers if you’re in the mood for a rustic feel.

Step 1: Choose suitable leaves (mulberry leaves, maple leaves, etc. non-toxic leaves).

Step 2: Make sure the leaves are clean and completely dry when you are ready to roll them. 

Place the ground marijuana evenly along one side of the leaf, leaving enough space around the edges to prevent spillage.

Step 3: Carefully roll the leaf paper around the cannabis, starting with one edge tucked in and then rolling tightly to completely enclose the contents.

Step 4: Moisten the edges of the leaf paper slightly with water and press firmly to seal it.

Hot Knife Method

Hot Knife Method

Hot knives offer a direct way to consume cannabis concentrates without the need for an elaborate apparatus. 

Materials Needed:

  • Two butter knives
  • A small nugget of dry herb
  • A heating element (stove or lighter)
  • A funnel or bottle cut in half (optional, but helps direct the smoke)

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Heat the Knives

Place the knives over your heating element until they are glowing red. 

Exercise caution to avoid burning yourself.

Step 2: Spotting

Once hot, place the herb on one knife and squeeze it with the other. 

Inhale the smoke that is produced. 

If you have a funnel or bottle, use it to catch and direct the smoke more efficiently.

This method is the least safe out of all the ways to smoke weed if you don't have a water pipe

It comes with risks including potential burns and lung damage due to high-temperature smoke.

Pen Pipe

You might not have any fruit in the house, but you can always buy a cheap pen.

This is one of the easiest homemade pipes. 

Step 1: Take a pen, making sure it has a metal cap at the nip and is easily disassembled.

Step 2: Remove the back part and the front nip, and take out the ink refill. 

Step 3: Once you have an empty tube, place the nib on the tip the opposite way that it would normally fit on the pen.

It will make a perfect V. 

Step 4: Now fill it with cannabis, and light it up.

Inhale from the backside of the pen, which is now your mouthpiece. 

Easy peasy! 

Empty a Cigarette

Empty a Cigarette

This is one of the easiest things to do.

Squeeze the tobacco out, leaving the filter in, and then carefully pack in your finely ground weed. 

Pinch the end. Light.


If you are ever caught out, with weed but no smoking materials, there are lots of ways to enjoy your stash. 

Some of them are quick, some more involved, but all are fun. 

After all, variety is the spice of life. 

You may just find a novel way to smoke or ingest that changes how you enjoy the herb going forward.

Remember, the goal is to enhance your experience, not compromise your health.