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How To Make A Dab Rig at Home?


How To Make A Dab Rig at Home

One of the biggest trends in cannabis right now is dabbing.

Dabbing is an effective way to vaporize and consume a variety of cannabis concentrates, and it requires a specialized piece of equipment called a dab rig.

Crafting a homemade dab rig can be a fun project or a way to consume concentrates without breaking the bank.

Below, we'll cover some basics about dabbing and explain how to make your homemade dab rig, along with how to convert a bong into a dab rig.

What is a dab rig?

A dab rig is used to vaporize cannabis concentrates and can be referred to by other names such as an oil rig or concentrate pipe.

Dab rigs are similar to bongs in some ways but different in others, and can be considered an extension of a bong that's specialized for concentrates.

Rather than using a bowl for cannabis flowers, a dab rig requires a glass, quartz, ceramic, titanium nail, or banger, the platform where the concentrate is placed.

A butane torch is used to heat the nail before the concentrate is applied, and a long slender tool called a dabber is used to place the concentrate on the nail.

Dab rigs vs. bongs

dab rig VS bong

Compared to the bong, the first modern iteration of a dab rig only recently debuted in the early 2000s.

Although relatively new to the cannabis world, rigs have already become beloved staples in the culture and come in as many varieties of shapes, sizes, designs, and quality as the bong.

While some dab rigs and bongs may look alike, the physical characteristics of the rig usually hint at what it is optimized for.

Dab rigs tend to be more compact than bongs, as a smaller chamber allows the vapor to travel to the lungs quicker and with less drag which helps improve flavor.

Another differentiating characteristic is that dab rigs will typically use 10-14 millimeter female joints while most bongs utilize 14-18 millimeter male joints.

Dab rigs also tend to have their downstems situated at a 90-degree angle, whereas bong downstems tend to sit at a 45-degree angle, further distinguishing the two from each other.

Like bongs, dab rigs come in a wide range of prices and styles that can be as simple as needed or as ornate as an artist can craft.

How do you make a dab rig with a mason jar?

This homemade dab rig works wonders and is by far the best way to dab if you broke your regular rig.

Since it's made of glass, it holds up to heat super well and it's much safer to dab from for extended periods than the other methods on this list.

You can start by finding a glass jar with a lid, or pick one up from the store.

They're a lot cheaper than replacing an entire rig anyway.

mason jar

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Glass jar with lid (medium-sized)
  • Drill with a bit to make holes in the lid
  • Pen with ink and tip removed
  • Straw (metal is best but plastic bendy straws work too
  • Aluminum foil
  • Dab nail

With those items at hand, follow these steps:

Step 1: Grab your materials.

You will need a Mason jar with a lid, a drill, a bendy straw, a plastic pen (emptied), a titanium dab nail, aluminum foil, and a butane torch.

Step 2: Drill two holes in the lid of the Mason jar.

Make sure they are lined up and roughly the same size, which should allow a foil-covered pen to fit snugly.

Step 3: Wrap the pen in aluminum foil.

Then, place the pen into one of the holes you drilled. This will be the downstem for the dab rig.

Step 4: Place the nail into the pen.

Secure the nail to the lid with more aluminum foil to ensure a good seal.

Step 5: Place the bendy straw in the other hole.

Secure the straw tightly with more aluminum foil to ensure no air escapes.

This will be where you will inhale, so a tight seal is key to a good hit.

If you have a glue gun, you could also use that to seal any holes.

Step 6: Fill the jar with water.

Not too much or you'll inhale water and not too little or else you'll have very harsh and dry hits.

Enough water to cover the bottom of the downstem is plenty.

Step 7: Fix the lid onto the jar.

While most homemade smoking devices are fairly flimsy and typically single-use if fitted with proper glass — rather than plastic and titanium components — a mason jar rig could be reused with proper cleaning and maintenance.

With that said, nothing will ever beat glass rigs specifically made for dabbing.

How to make a dab rig with a plastic bottle and a hot knife?

The hot knife method frankly sucks since it's hot and painful to hit and can also be dangerous if you're accident-prone.

However, if push comes to shove and it's all you got, go for it.

Just get out and replace your rig ASAP, since dabbing from plastic can be super dangerous for your health.

The hot knife method is a go-to DIY dab rig, especially if you have no glass or you're out in the world without a torch.

homemade dab rig hot knife

What you need:

  • Metal butter knife, ideally one that has a thick handle and doesn't lay flush on a countertop.
  • Paper clip or dab tool
  • Plastic water bottle, cut in half.
  • Scissors
  • Electric stove or torch
  • Silicon dab mat (optional)

To make it:

  1. Cut your water bottle in half, saving the top part with the cap end. Discard the cap.
  2. Cut a small notch into the bottom of the bottle. This is where you’ll slide your hot knife in for dabbing.
  3. Heat a butter knife on the electric coils of your stove or use a torch.
  4. Lay the hot knife on a flat surface or heat-resistant dab mat to protect your surfaces.
  5. Using the paperclip (or other dab tool), apply your concentrate to the hot knife and slide the notched plastic bottle over the top, taking care not to let the hot knife come into contact with the plastic.
  6. Inhale the vapor from the mouthpiece on the bottle

The Benefits of Homemade Dab Rigs

Some people like to dab out of a small glass piece, while others prefer a larger, more elaborate rig.

Some prefer the simplicity of using a basic banger and downstem combination, while others prefer to use other accessories like slides and ash catchers.

Regardless of what type of dab rig you’re searching for, there are many benefits to creating your own:

  • You can customize the design and size of your dab rig to fit any need you may have.
  • You can use whatever type of glass or silicone bong or dab rig will work best for you without having to buy one new (or as often).
  • You can create a dab rig that is unique in its size, shape, color scheme—or all three!


Always exercise caution when using homemade devices, especially when heat is involved.

Never leave your heated rig unattended; always ensure it has cooled down before handling.

Regardless of whether you're a novice to dabbing looking to purchase your first electric dab rig, or a seasoned connoisseur seeking to expand your collection, understanding the intricacies of selecting the appropriate dab rig is crucial.

This could even apply if you're intending to fabricate one yourself at home.

This manual offers comprehensive instructions on how to construct a homemade dab rig, allowing you to economize by utilizing items you already possess.