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How to make a bong ?-All-around Teaching You How to Make Five Types of Bongs


a person with glasses exhaling smoke

Have you been dazzled by the variety of bongs on the market? Are you longing for a unique and personalized bong at this moment?

Now, here's your chance! The production process is not only simple and interesting but also allows you to easily create a unique personalized bong. 

Don't hesitate to follow the making guide in this article and take action!

How does a bong work?

A glass bong and a silicone bong

A bong is shaped like a vase, with a spacious and cannabis-filled bottom and a long, thin neck.

When you inhale through the mouthpiece of the bong, the smoke passes through an internal space and is cooled and possibly filtered through water.

Once you adjust your inhalation and move the bong to the mouthpiece, the smoke flows directly into your lungs, allowing you to inhale a larger amount of cannabis smoke at once.

Various Types of Bongs

At this point, I believe you have an in-depth understanding of how bongs are made.

Next, it is time for you to build your bong with your own hands.

Given that there are so many different types of bongs, each with its special characteristics, before you get your hands dirty, we recommend that you make your choices clear.

For this reason, we have created a comparison table of popular bong types to provide you with a clear reference so that you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

Now, let's follow this guide and start a wonderful bong-making tutorial together! Comparison -table- for- bong


Water Bottle Bong

The Water Bottle DIY Bong stands out for its easy and quick making process. It takes only a few minutes with simple cutting.

What's even more pleasing is that it completely utilizes existing items in your home at virtually no cost.

However, it does have its limitations in that it is not reusable and is usually only good for one night.

Also, due to the fragility of the material, extra care needs to be taken when using it to prevent it from breaking.

a bong made from a water bottle

Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs are highly sought after for the massive impact they produce.

By cleverly combining a large container and bottle, it allows you to inhale the equivalent of five puffs of smoke in one go.

This DIY bong is not only popular with a wide range of users but also with physics enthusiasts.

However, the inconvenient portability of gravity bongs is also one of their major drawbacks, and they are best made and stored in a fixed place of use.

 Gravity- Bong

Tic Tac Bong

The Tic Tac bong is a favorite amongst users for its compactness and portability.

It is undoubtedly ideal for users who need a concealed and convenient DIY bong.

When you forget to bring your bong when you are out and about, it can quickly solve your urgent problem.

However, it's worth noting that the Tic Tac bong only provides a one-time use effect and won't leave you in a floating state. Tic -Tac- Bong

It is more suitable for use when you need a quick pick-me-up.


Apple Bong

The Bong (apple bong) is excellent for those who don't have a bottle or the materials needed for a gravity DIY bong.

With just an apple and a sharp knife, you can easily create a bong that is both simple and functional.

Not only does it deliver a refreshing fruity flavor , it is also environmentally friendly as it does not use plastic or water.

However, the short lifespan of an apple bong is also its downfall as the apples can start to rot.

In addition, the flavour of the fruit may affect the original taste of the tobacco, which varies from person to person. An apple adapted to be a pipe or bong


Mason Jar Bong

A mason jar adapted to be a bong

The Mason Jar DIY Bong is a favorite among cannabis users for its unique making process and rugged durability.

It takes some extra time and skill to make, but once it's done, you'll have a bong that you can use over and over again.

However, making a Mason jar DIY bong also requires more dedication and patience and cannot be improvised.

 Always be careful during the making process and use sharp knives to be on the safe side.


After you have already had a preliminary understanding of the various types of bongs, we will now explain the production steps of each bong one by one, to help you easily and quickly master the production method and enjoy the fun of production!

How to Make a Water Bottle Bong? Step-by-Step Guide

Making a simple bong doesn't require complicated tools or materials, you can use some common items such as plastic bottles to make it.

Here are the specific steps to make one:

Material Preparation:

  • a clean plastic bottle (harder material is recommended)
  • a long thin tube (can be a straw, hollow pen stick, etc.)
  • aluminum foil
  • scissors
  • a needle or awl
  • tobacco or other smokable substance of your choice

Making Steps:

Step1. Fill with Water

First, wash and dry the plastic bottle. Then fill the bottle about a quarter of the way with water. The purpose of the water is to filter the smoke and make it smoother.

Step2. Make the Mouthpiece

At the neck of the plastic bottle, use scissors to cut a small opening. This opening should be large enough for your bong to fit through, but not too large to prevent leakage. This opening is your mouthpiece.

Step3. To Make the Carbon Hole

Use a needle or awl to poke a small hole near the top of the neck of the bottle.

This hole will act as a "carbon hole" to control the flow of smoke. You can cover the hole with your finger or other object when you want to inhale smoke and release it when you want to release smoke.

Step4. Install the Download

Poke another small hole in the wall of the plastic bottle above the water level. This hole will be used to install the download. Insert the thin tube you have prepared into this hole, making sure it is secure and will not leak.

Step5. Make a Foil Bowl

Fold aluminum foil into a bowl shape for your tobacco. Poke a few small holes in the bottom of the bowl so that the smoke can enter the water through these holes.

Step6. Assemble and Use

Place the foil bowl over the mouth of a plastic bottle, making sure that the end of the downstem extends into the foil bowl.

Place an appropriate amount of tobacco in the foil bowl, then cover the mouthpiece with your finger and light the tobacco.

When the smoke fills the foil bowl, release your finger and inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece.

When wanting to stop inhaling, cover the carbon hole with your finger.


Be safe when using, and avoid fire source touching plastic bottles or other flammable items.

Harmful substances are produced when the tobacco is burned, so make sure you use it in a well-ventilated area and avoid contact with children.

If you intend to use your homemade bong several times, please wash and dry it thoroughly after use for the next time.

How to Make a Simple Gravity Bong? Step-by-Step Guide

two large bottles of Water

A gravity bong is a device that uses the principle of gravity to filter smoke through water. Here is an easy way to make one, requiring only a plastic bottle and aluminum foil.

Material Preparation:

  • A plastic bottle (2-litre soft drink bottles are recommended to ensure they are sturdy)
  • A aluminum foil
  • A scissors
  • Matches or lighter
  • Tobacco or hay (make sure it's the right kind for smoking and grind it up ahead of time)

Making Steps:

Step1. Prepare the Plastic Bottle

First, find a 2-litre plastic bottle and remove the cap.

Step2. Make a Foil Lid

Poke a few small holes in a cap-sized piece of aluminum foil, then place the foil over the opening of the plastic bottle, making sure that the foil fits snugly into the mouth of the bottle.

Step3. Cut the Bottle

Use scissors to cut the plastic bottle from about halfway down. This way you get a top half and a bottom half.

Step4. Prepare the Bottom Half

Fill the bottom half (or in a small bucket if you choose to use one) with water.

Step5. Assemble

Place the top half of the plastic bottle into the water-filled bottom half, making sure that the foil lid is facing downwards and that the small holes are partially submerged in the water.

Step6. Add Tobacco

Place ground tobacco or hay in the top half of the plastic bottle on the foil lid.

Step7. Light and Smoke

Use a match or lighter to light the tobacco. Then, slowly pull the top half of the plastic bottle out of the water.

Be careful not to completely remove it from the water!

As you slowly pull the top half out, due to gravity, the water will draw in air through the small holes in the aluminum foil, and the smoke will also be drawn into the water.

You will see the smoke start to come out of the small holes in the foil.

Step8. Inhale the Smoke

When the smoke has built up to a certain level, gently remove the foil cover and inhale the smoke.

The smoke will be smoother and cooler as it has been filtered through the water.


Take care during handling to avoid burning your fingers.

Choose tobacco or dry herbs carefully to ensure that it is a suitable type for smoking.

Be safe when smoking to avoid the fire coming into contact with other flammable items.

When finished smoking, please dispose of the remaining tobacco and aluminum foil properly to avoid pollution to the environment.

How to Make a Simple Apple Bong? Step-by-Step Guide

three red apples on a wooden table


A simple apple bong can come in handy during outdoor adventures or emergencies.

While it's not as elaborate as a traditional bong or water bong, it can still provide a basic way to smoke when needed.

Here are the steps to making a simple apple bong:

Material Preparation:

  • A large apple (choose a slightly harder apple for easier handling)
  • A sturdy empty tube, such as the body of a pen or a small marker pen
  • Tobacco or hay (make sure it's the right kind for smoking)
  • Matches or a lighter

Making Steps:

Step 1. Choosing Apples

First, pick a medium-sized, slightly hard apple. The variety of apples is not important, but a harder apple is easier to work with.

Step 2. Pepare The Blank Ture

Use a sturdy blank tube, such as the body of a pen or a small marker.

This empty tube will act as a tunnel for the bong, allowing smoke to pass through smoothly.

Step 3.To Make the Tunnel

Using a sharp tool (such as a knife or thin screwdriver) start at the top of the apple and drill a tunnel downwards.

The approximate length of the tunnel should reach the middle or slightly below the apple. The top of this tunnel will serve as a bowl to hold the tobacco.

Step 4. Attach the Second Tunnel

Next, start drilling a second tunnel on the other side of the apple (roughly perpendicular to the first tunnel).

The length of this tunnel should meet the middle of the first tunnel, forming an "L" shape. This may take some trial and adjustment to ensure that the two tunnels connect smoothly.

Step 5.Check and Adjust

Once both tunnels have been drilled, check that they connect smoothly. If the tunnels are not connected tightly enough, you can use a knife or screwdriver to make fine adjustments.

Step 6. Fill with Tobacco

Place a small amount of tobacco or hay in the tunnel at the top of the apple. Make sure the tobacco is tight and fills the top of the tunnel so it can burn smoothly.

Step 7. Light and Smoke

Use a match or lighter to light the tobacco. When the tobacco starts to burn, align your lips with the other end of the first tunnel (i.e. the part that meets the second tunnel) and inhale gently.

The smoke will pass through the "L" shaped tunnel inside the apple and through your lips into your mouth.


Handle with care during the making process to avoid cutting your fingers or damaging the apple.

Choose tobacco or dry herbs carefully to ensure it is a suitable type for smoking and avoid harmful substances.

Smoking should be done in a safe manner to avoid the fire coming into contact with other flammable items.

Do not consume this apple when you have finished smoking as it contains tobacco residue and harmful substances.

How to Make a Simple Tic-Tac Container Bong? Step-by-Step Guide

Tic-Tac- Container


If you crave a smoking device that is small, portable, and highly effective, then using a Tic-Tac container to make a bong would be a smart choice.

Not only does it fit easily in your pocket, but it's quick easy to make, and surprisingly effective.

Material Preparation:

  • laic or similar-sized plastic container
  • Drill or knife (for punching holes in the container)
  • Glass downticks and bowls (or alternatively empty pen tubes and aluminum foil)
  • Matches or lighters
  • Tobacco or plants suitable for smoking (make sure they are of good quality and have been   properly prepared)

Making Steps:

Step1.Punch and Install the Down Bar

First, use a drill to drill a small hole in the side of the Tic-Tac container near the bottom. Make sure the hole is the right size for inserting the download.

You can use a combination of a glass downstem and a bowl, or use an empty pen tube as a downstem and create a small bowl out of aluminium foil.

Insert the downstem into the hole and make sure it faces away from the opening of the container to avoid accidental burns while smoking.

Step2. Prepare the Mouthpiece

The opening of the Tic-Tac container itself is a natural mouthpiece.

No additional processing is required, just make sure that you can comfortably hold the container while smoking.

Step3. Add Water

Add an appropriate amount of water to the bottom of the container.

The water should be high enough to cover part of the downstem, but not so high that it spills while smoking.

Step4. Add Tobacco

Place the prepared tobacco or a plant suitable for smoking into the container, close to the downstem.

Ensure that the tobacco is filled tightly enough to produce a continuous stream of smoke once lit.

Step5. Light and Smoke

Use a match or lighter to light the tobacco. Then, inhale through the opening of the container (i.e. the mouthpiece).

You will feel the smoke smoother and cooler as it is filtered through the water.

While smoking, you can adjust the position of the downstream appropriately to control the intensity and flow of the smoke.


Take extra care during preparation and smoking to avoid burning your fingers or mouth.

Choose superior quality tobacco or plants suitable for smoking to ensure a safe and comfortable smoking experience.

Be safe while smoking to avoid the flame coming into contact with other flammable items.

When finished smoking, dispose of leftover tobacco and containers properly to avoid polluting the environment.

How to Make a Simple Mason Jar Bong? Step-by-Step Guide

Mason Jars in a plastic tray


If you like the bong design shown on the Baltimore Stoners website but want to try a simpler version, then this Mason jar-based bong would be a good choice.

Not only is it similar to those intricate bong designs, but it's also very simple to make.

Material Preparation:

  • A Mason jar (size of your choice)
  • A metal bowl and handle (you can substitute an old socket or other similar item)
  • A faucet strainer
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Ground tobacco or hay (make sure it's the right kind for smoking)
  • A straw (for breathing)
  • Plenty of water

Making Steps:

Step1.Prepare the Mason Jar

Choose a Mason jar that you think is the right size and make sure the lid is intact.

Step2.Make the Bong Top

Drill a small hole in the bottom center of the metal bowl and insert the stem into it, making sure it is firmly fixed. This will become the mouthpiece part of the bong.

Step3. Punch Holes

Punch three holes in the lid of the Mason jar. One for the insertion of the mouthpiece, one for the addition of "carbs" (usually sodium bicarbonate, which is used to create a chemical reaction), and one for the breathing hole.

Step4. Installation of the Mouthpiece

Insert the mouthpiece through the holes in the lid into the Mason jar and secure it with tape to ensure that it does not leak.

Step5. Fill with Water

Fill the Mason jar with enough water to ensure that the height of the water does not touch the mouthpiece.

Step6. Add Tobacco

Add ground tobacco or hay to the space below the mouthpiece.

Step7. Adding "Carbohydrates"

Add sodium bicarbonate or other similar substances through the corresponding hole in the lid. Make sure it does not come into contact with the tobacco or water.

Step8. Light and Smoke

Use a lighter to light the tobacco. Then, inhale through the breathing hole through a straw.

As you inhale, due to gravity, water will be drawn into the air through the small hole in the lid, while the smoke will be drawn into the water. You will see the smoke start to come out of the water.

Step9. Enjoy the Smoke

When the smoke has built up to a certain level, gently inhale it through the straw. The smoke will be smoothernd cooler as it has been filtered through the water.


Take care during handling to avoid burning your fingers.

Choose tobacco or dry herbs carefully to ensure that it is a suitable type for smoking.

Be safe when smoking to avoid the fire coming into contact with other flammable materials.

When you are finished smoking, dispose of the remaining tobacco and other materials properly to avoid polluting the environment.


In short, making your own bong is not only more affordable than buying one from a bong shop, but it also allows you to personalize a unique smoking device and have a lot of fun in the process.

However, there are potential risks, such as the harmful fumes that can be produced when burning certain materials, and legal restrictions that may exist in some areas.

So whether you choose to make your own bong or not, safety awareness and responsibility to comply with the law are an integral part of this activity.