How to hit a cart without a battery?


How to hit a cart without a batteryIt can be very annoying when your usual vape battery stops working,

This article will show you how to enjoy your vape without a battery! It also comes with some cautionary notes.

What is a Vape Cartridge?

A cart, otherwise known as a cartridge or vape cartridge, is a small piece of electronic hardware that is full of a liquid cannabis concentrate. It looks like a small glass cylinder with a mouthpiece to pull on at the top and threading at the bottom, with the cannabis concentrate sitting neatly in the middle. The bottom that has the threading is designed to screw into a pen, otherwise known as the battery.

How Vape Carts Work

a vape cart contains a heating element and a chamber filled with either nicotine or a cannabis concentrate. The standard method involves attaching the cart to a battery-powered vape pen, which heats the liquid to a temperature that turns it into an inhalable vapor. In the absence of a vape pen, the goal remains the same: to heat the concentrate to the point of vaporization without compromising the integrity of the substance or exposing yourself to harm.

Navigating this process requires knowledge of the heating point of your substance and the safe operation of any improvised tools.

How Vape Carts Work

Tips for getting the most out of your cartridge without a battery

Take deeper and slower inhales.

Keep your cartridge in a warm place to ensure optimal vapor production.

Clean your cartridge regularly to remove any buildup that may be blocking the airflow.

Be on the safe side

1. wear rubber gloves that will not allow a current to pass through to you and electrocute you.

2. watch your fingers to ensure that you don’t burn yourself. 

3. Carts can get very hot, plus they’re small, which makes them difficult and unsafe to handle when heated to great temperatures with a flame. 

4. if you are using electricity or a flame to produce a current or heat to vaporize the concentrate, wearing high-quality safety goggles is a good idea.

5. The cart may get heated beyond a safe level, which means that it could shatter or explode. You don’t want to get sprayed with shards of glass and hot cannabis concentrate.

How do I hit my cartridge without a battery?

How do i hit my cartridge without a battery

1. Acquire an unused Android charger that you won't mind cutting up (iPhone chargers work too, but there are extra wires in them—android ones are just easier to deal with).

2. Cut the wire so that only the USB part is left.

3. Cut the rubber down to a comfortable level so that it shows the red and black wires inside of the coating.

4. Strip the red and black wires down. If you don't have wire strippers, you can simply hold them over a lighter or use nail clippers to strip them.

5. If done correctly, you should see the main wire with two wires and their silver insides sticking out.

6. Connect the charger to power.

7. (this part is important, be careful with it too) Insert the black wire into the middle of the bottom of the cart where the metal is.

8. Take the red wire and stick it on the outside of the cart.

9. You should be able to hear the cart releasing air.

10. At that point, inhale, and BOOM! No battery/cart is needed.


Hitting carts any other way is dangerous. In the end, there is only one real way to hit a vape cart: Connect it to a charged battery. Other methods might provide quick results, but you're sacrificing your safety and security. just pick up another battery or several. However, if it’s your only option, make sure to exercise the utmost caution to prevent yourself from getting burned or zapped.